As an IT person, what do you wish your execs knew about IT?

By RArsenault ·
Hey -- this question is for those in the IT community -- what do you most wish the executives knew about your department and what you do everyday?
Here's a start of some "gripes," if you will, from a network engineer: (free registration to see IT community content at WUGspace)
But what can you add to the discussion?

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by n.gurr In reply to As an IT person, what do ...

I wish they knew less and knew it. I think that's the key. Although I think that IT has a lot to learn from business and these key lessons have to be learned to prevent outsourcing, less is better. Everyone thinks they 'know about IT' because they have a home pc, this leads to people asking for a solution rather than presenting a problem. As we are the pros let us do our job and guide you to the right choice.

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That the only way forward is

by Englebert In reply to As an IT person, what do ...

through IT

IT staff work harder, late hours, on-call, smarter and produce automation that makes the quantum leap into taking your company to the next level.

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