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Asset Management software?

By EMJ65 ·
I'm looking for asset management software the polls domains for networked hardware (that doesn't cost a fortune). We have under 1,000 devices, and do not currently have an asset management procedure in place, which we need for obvious reasons. What does everyone else use for this purpose, and how much did you pay for it initially, and what maintenance costs have you incurred over the time you've used it? I am doing research on my own, but it's always good to hear from those actually using the software. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you.

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CA&IBM Tivoli

by bsoydal In reply to Asset Management software ...

We currently testing CAs Asset Management tools...We have more than 30000 devices...finished test show us CA Asset Management easy to use and dont know to much about the price but let me say good to try!!!

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Asset Management Software

by travism In reply to Asset Management software ...

I have recently implemented a very simple inventory scanning solution that will deploy an agent on to each end point within your network (ie, laptop, desktop and server), which will perform a periodic scan and return all data to a central repository for reporting purposes. A recently, highly customised deployment with a huge scope (30000 end points) cost $250,000.

A standard implementation should cost no more than $50,000 including the capital spend, or $20-30,000 with only the appplicatio, database and software.

The product is known as Asset Depot or ISIC (IBM service information centre).

more than happy to provide some assitance.

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Fast and low cost asset management

by nanotechsoftware In reply to Asset Management Software

We have an agentless solution that can do pretty much any thing an agent based solution can do and much more. it can audit your 30000 boxes/nodes within 5-10 minutes from download. Thats results aquired and reports ready to print. It has a minimal network hit and can run constantly building up trend statistics.

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NetSupport DNA

by gurnmonster In reply to Asset Management software ...

We use NetSupport DNA. It has asset management, help desk and remote control so we can support field offices as well.

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Make your own

by mmcdonal In reply to Asset Management software ...

I use an Access/SQL solution that I made for an agency with 1000 knowledge workers and up to 2500 total workers at any time. We track desktops (discovery script I also wrote) servers, cell phones, PDAs, monitors, printers, etc. but not generally consumables like toner/ink, mice, keyboards, speakers, etc.

We researched solutions and they were all expensive and only worked with DMI compliant hardware anyway (Basically desktops and servers only.) So I built ours. I am not sure why they COTS cost so much.

I have tied asset management (inventory control) in with our help desk database, and we can pull up a ticket, check a user's desktop configuration, drive mappings, installed printers, installed software, software license keys, etc, from one interface. And we don't even have single sign on.

I would suggest taking the cash and spending it on an intermediate level developer. We are moving our interface to Sharepoint next. I think we have spent $0 to this point after 4 years.

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Buy vs. Build

by Tech Exec In reply to Make your own

While your approach will work for some organizations, I might suggest that four years of time for an intermediate developer is hardly a $0 cost.

For less than that amount of money, there are very decent and very reasonably priced products out there to help you find all of your network hardware (not just desktops and servers) as well as help you determine if you are compliant with your software licensing and show you how often your users are actually using the software installed on their machines.

The reality is that some software metering (usage monitoring) tools carry a heavy price for the client agent. But there are also some products that do not track to the minute, yet can show you the frequency of use (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

These products are often integratable with your Help Desk/Service Desk software, though this does sometimes require a consulting cost or a development cost on your part.

As I've noted in another post, the NetSource Discovery product meets virtually all of the challenges I've seen here. It finds your hardware, it detects your installed software as well as how often you use it, and it carries a relatively low price point.

You might want to take a look:

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I agree, but..

by mmcdonal In reply to Buy vs. Build

it depends on the environment of course. We use enterprise licensing and don't need to meter license usage, although we could do that as well.

$0 cost was for software since I suggested spending the money on a developer, not a COTS.

Asset Management solutions are dead simple, even if you add in cost accounting and reporting. Any competent shop with an apps branch should be able to roll something out pretty quickly.

Now if you have integration issues, such as Help Desk and cost accounting packages, that might add some complexity... might.

Most asset discovery tools, as I say, only do CPU's, not printers, monitors, cell phones, PDAs, and any other devices. To add a seat license per stock room is also gauling, as is the case with most COTS.

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You raise some good points...

by Tech Exec In reply to I agree, but..

You're right that the environment will always have some influence on this discussion. Not every organization can afford to do site licensing, especially as they get larger and larger. Many of the large enterprises count on license management as a means of controlling costs.

Not all asset management solutions are alike. Perhaps some are "dead simple," but perhaps not all of the nuances are being considered. How involved was the business in designing your internal application? Or was this strictly an IT project?

Integration definitely complicates matters, but it would for Built -or- Bought. Sometimes, though, the bought products offer connectors to other systems.

The discovery tool I mentioned will find any IP addressable device (printers, routers, switches, hubs, IP phones, etc.) and then it will also detect monitors and drivers for many of the devices you mentioned. Though parallel, COMM, and USB attached devices are not directly discovered, they can be detected by polling the agent for the appropriate registry key(s).

I'm not sure what you meant by adding a seat license "per stock room." All agent managed devices (servers, PCs, Macs, etc.) would require a license, but all network components that will not have an agent deployed do not need one. The price per seat of the product I have used is only about $20.

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Software Usage is important

by dman0215 In reply to Buy vs. Build

While I agree that certain usage products carry a heavy overhead the one we use is very light weight and provides "actual" usage data. The reason this is important is that users may have a tendency to open applications daily (or the application is opened for them by a script). This doesn't mean they are using it. We have used this type of tool for 5 years and have recovered a large number of licenses that have been redeployed to the people who actually use them. The tool records actual activity not just that the app is open. The type of information this tool provides is a big part of an overall asset management stragegy. I would recommend that any one looking to track licenses take the extra step and track usage. It will pay for itself in reduced maintenance and software purchase expenses.

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What is the tool...

by mmcdonal In reply to Software Usage is importa ...

of which you speak? I can track process usage, but not actual usage.

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