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ATI Video cards

By jtfutbal ·
brief history. did regular maintenance on a tower. cleaned it. the thing was filled with nothing but dust and webs. then i put it back together. started it up and all the hardware drivers were dumped.

Its official. I hate ATI. If you don't have the disk for you ATI video card you can forget getting the drivers. ATI has got with some companies and putting together Driver bundles. They advertise it as a free download. Thats all it is. You download the driverboot it runs and scans your hardware looking for anything ATI. It tells you what you are missing and then ask for a product key. I have an ATI video card that i ran in circles trying to find. The only way that i could get them from this ATI driverboot. which in my professional opinion is bs.

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So when you open the control panel

by JamesRL In reply to ATI 9200

System, Hardware, Device Manager, display adapter, properties, driver tab does it show an ATI driver or not.

And when you control panel, add or Remove program, are there any ATI software installed?


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I have seen this before...

by Slayer_ In reply to ATI 9200

On PCI cards, if you change the slot, Windows (Win95 anyways) doesn't always seem to keep the driver attached, it shows up as a different device, but you can almost always just tell it to update drivers, and it finds the correct previously installed one.

I used to have this happen often in my old PC with an ATI Xpert@Play card, the card would be removed a lot to be used to test other computers, but when I would put it back, I would often accidentally put it in the wrong slot.

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I've used ATI video cards for years

by maxwell edison In reply to ATI Video cards

I've never had much a problem with any of them. What you say just doesn't make sense (in more than one way).

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Your professional opinion?

by JamesRL In reply to ATI Video cards

First off cleaning the cards should not "dump" the drivers, which are software stored on the HD.

Secondly I don't kow where you get your wild theories, but I've owned 5 ATI cards in the last 20 years, installed many others. I've never seen a problem downloading the drivers from ATI, and I update the drivers regularly. On my current computer I've got two partitions, one Vista, one XP, so I download the drivers twice. Never have I had an issue where it failed to install, or asked for a product key.

I have tried to use a third party card maker's CD (that uses an ATI Chipset) with a card from another third party(using an ATI chipset)and they fail, because the OEM takes the ATI drivers and adds functionality, and for this reason they block cards that aren't theirs.

But the ATI drivers on the wesbite work with any card with an ATI chipset.

Have you tried uninstalling your existing drivers before installing the new ones?


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Driver Dump

by jtfutbal In reply to Your professional opinion ...

I know that clean out a computer doen't dump the drivers, but it did. I agree with what you stated about using ATI cards in the past, i have used them to. It is an older computer. There was 3 of us looking for the driver and found nothing. I want to to was the card is a ATI Radon 9200 series.

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How exactly did you clean it

by Slayer_ In reply to ATI Video cards

Considering Drivers are software stored on your HDD, which is a device that cannot be cleaned without ruining it (don't ever open up your HDD).

ATI drivers install effortlessly for me, go to ATI's website, choose drivers.

Don't download drivers from any other website unless you absolutly have to.

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ATI drivers

by jtfutbal In reply to How exactly did you clean ...

All i did was take out all the PCI card, CD-Rom (there are 2), the floppy, the HDD and the power supply. there was dust and webs throughout the entire box. It was custom built and however put it together did a shady job in my opinion. The wires were everywhere and there was no room for air flow.

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What OS are you running?

by Slayer_ In reply to ATI drivers

So I know which drivers to get you.

For example, this is the XP version.

Really wasn't hard to find...

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Not terribly difficult...see link

by Forum Surfer In reply to ATI Video cards

Whoa, whaddaya know...check out that first hit.


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by dfa19 In reply to ATI Video cards

How could you have possible made Downloading the ATI drivers this difficult, while it has changed as a little bit in the past 12 months the ATI site still has every driver you need, when you DL the Catalyst suite it will have the driver you need w/ the download, what its doing is downloading all of its legacy drivers basically plus some other ones and its one big suite, instead of them having to post each and every single driver by itself. Please if you really are an IT professional, it can not possible be that hard to accomplish this task. Just Breathe...and click on Forum surfers link and all should be well.

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