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Australian soldiers are so good

By jardinier ·
that in order to suffer casualities in Iraq, they have to do it themselves.,10117,188**593-2,00.html

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And your point is???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Australian soldiers are s ...

Whatever you're trying to say, it seems pretty low if not beneath contempt. If you have a point to make, don't do with the blood of others.

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Dawg this one doesn't make any sense

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to And your point is???

There is either something wrong or missing here as this Can Not Happen!

Currently I'm putting it down to the substandard equipment that the Aussie Diggers are issued until I can be proved wrong.


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Col - I'm pretty irreverant about most things but ...................

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Dawg this one doesn't mak ...

this is one discussion that should be dropped because the potential of a personal human tragedy should be beyond anyone trying to score any kind of point off. Maybe it's an accident; maybe it isn't but to continue in this vein is in poor taste to an extreme. Anyone who knows anything about firearms and specifically the shoulder operated variety, knows what I am talking about. All things considered, this should be left alone on the grounds of common decency or human compassion. Further pursuit is tastless.

Just my two cents, for what they're worth.

Dawg ]:)

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Not trying to make a point

by jardinier In reply to And your point is???

Just posting a bizarre and tragic news item.

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Okay; you've posted it. Now walk away and leave it.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Not trying to make a poin ...

Maybe you aren't trying to make a point; just the same if you have any sense of decency, you will drop this.

Dawg ]:)

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People are dying,

by mjwx In reply to And your point is???

And this was the third of my countrymen to die in Iraq. It's a pointless and senseless waste of life.

OK, the way Jules put this article across was IMO a bit tasteless but it's tragic none the less.

Col, the styer is an underpowered rifle anyway (regardless of its manufactured quality). We should replace them with a decent rifle like the SA80.

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Well as I still know many people in the Army

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to People are dying,

I still find this hard to understand how it happened. These guys can strip down clean and reassemble their weapons blindfolded and under 20 feet of water with out a single problem and then somehow someone accidentally shoots them self in the head. NAW this just doesn't sound right to me anyway.

But I do agree the sooner that those firearms are replaced with decent weapons the better!


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if we look at where the soldier was shot

by mjwx In reply to Well as I still know many ...

I was told by someone who was in the army (some time ago but it shouldn?t matter) that when you are handling your weapon you keep it pointed away from you. He told me that under no circumstances should a weapon be held towards one's person, especially whilst loaded.

Using my limited knowledge of forensics (one semester in year 12 science) and my equally limited knowledge of firearms I also cannot determine how this soldier could have done it...

by accident. Even if the weapon malfunctioned why was a trained soldier looking into the barrel of a loaded weapon, is it not procedure to unload a weapon before performing maintenance. If this was a deliberate act the army for several reasons (not the least of which is the guys family) why the army would deliberately misreport it. My question is what could have bought him to do it after one month.

This could have been the result of enemy action in an ongoing operation and the army was forced to reveal the soldiers death whilst withholding operational details.

Now I'm in full conspiracy theory mode.

We need better weapons (the 80's) but our govt. is too frugal. The yanks need better weapons also, M16?s are still being dropped for AK?s.

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Well as I've said Previously

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to if we look at where the s ...

I can not understand how an accident like this could happen particularly with someone who's supposedly so highly trained.

More to the point I've spoken to a couple of people who will be marching tomorrow [25-4-06] and they can't understand it either. If the reports are accurate No One that I've spoken to can understand how it happened. I've been told that to clean this particular weapon the breach has to be locked open and empty so for fairly obvious reasons there can be no chance of a misfire occurring. The only thing that someone has suggested as this was a Side Arm that the person involved may have just pulled it out of the holster and taken a look down the barrel to see if it needed cleaning and it had a faulty Safety which allowed the misfire but they all insist that he would have to be well and truly under the weather for something like this to happen but it's possible that the safety was not working and as he laid the unit on a table prior to starting to begin dismantling to clean it misfired and it was a Ricochet that got him.

Unlucky but S_H_I_T Happens!


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As anyone who reads Australian news will know

by jardinier In reply to if we look at where the s ...

there is an inquiry into this incident because by all the rules of common sense and logic, it should NOT have happened.

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