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Australian soldiers are so good

By jardinier ·
that in order to suffer casualities in Iraq, they have to do it themselves.,10117,188**593-2,00.html

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by Gilsbugs In reply to Australian soldiers are s ...

Have you seen the latest report/body count on suicides in our military? We're heading for an all time high, why?????

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Suicides........

I'm not going to climb up on that SOAP BOX as I'll never get off. It's better never to ask questions like that because the answers are not at all nice and are defiantly not something to be discussed in a PUBLIC FORUM!


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Good point....

by Gilsbugs In reply to NO NO NO DON'T GET ME STA ...

Sorry to be late-but as we all most likely do-"work 27/8"-and then the stuff at home.......
Anywaaaay..........Some things are better left unsaid. I believe that it's a rather,Extremely serious question that does not belong in this forum, nor this site..........

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The Aussie's are darn good....

by stand fast In reply to Australian soldiers are s ...

If you speak to any experienced Veteren you'll find they hold the Australian armed forces in the highest respect. Well heck they have fought along side the US in every war we have started. With war history Gallipoli and the countless battle with the Japs in WWII has shown they are a formidable force. The Aussie SAS where in Iraq doing recon even before this current conflict.

As for the cause of the accident we will have to see what the report brings. My condolences go out to the soldier's family as it does to all the families of the US forces who have lost a family member. My son is a US Marine, this deal isn't nice but regardless of what you think about it politically we need to show 100% support for theese guys.

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the cause of the accident

by jardinier In reply to The Aussie's are darn goo ...

The most recent news I have read said that he was a sniper and accidentally shot himself while cleaning his rifle.

And yes, I and I am sure all other Australians support our troops despite what we may think about becoming involved in the first place.

Incidentally here is something for you to think about. Australian Vietnam vets were not scorned on their return home, and they march proudly with all the other vets of various wars on our national day of remembrance, ANZAC day (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) on April 25.

The day starts with a dawn service in the centre of the city, which a great many people attend.

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Jules just don't make any mention

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to the cause of the accident

Of what the Vets do after the ANZAC Day March whatever you do. :^0


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by jardinier In reply to Jules just don't make any ...

avoided making any reference to whatever it is your are referring to. :)

And once again I apologise for my tacky way of presenting this unfortunate incident.

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Playing 2-up and drinking beer.

by stand fast In reply to I QUITE DELIBERATELY

Hey thats what Hal was getting at.... an Austrailian tradition. Heads or Tails anyone?

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NOW STOP IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Playing 2-up and drinking ...

I went out with a couple of Vets yesterday for the March and a few drinks afterwards. The Evil SODS promised that I'd be home no latter than 2.00 PM. I've still got the headache and whats worse no one would accept my wife as a wager as I tried so hard to lose her on the turn of a couple of pennies. :^0

They stole my mobile phone and turned it off and I didn't arrive home till well after 11.00 PM well and truly re-hydrated. Then I found out that I had a urgent Service Call to do again a put up by one of those SOB's! :_|

I hate RUM & Milk and after several gallons of the stuff felt throughly sick only then to be greeted by the sounds of a Gun Ship from Nam being played at Audio Assault levels. I'm way toooooo Old for this and Never Again No matter what is promised will I accompany that lot of crazy Barstewards ever again!

No not next year and no matter how much they beg or threaten me will I ever consider it. Oh my head still hurts. :_|

Col ]:)

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Looks like we have another Aussie casualty

by stand fast In reply to NOW STOP IT NOW!!!!!!!!!! ...
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