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Australian soldiers are so good

By jardinier ·
that in order to suffer casualities in Iraq, they have to do it themselves.,10117,188**593-2,00.html

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Okay I apologise for the apparent cynicism

by jardinier In reply to What's the relevance

It wasn't meant to be cynical. It was meant as a compliment to Australian soldiers who have not suffered a single casualty in Iraq at the hands of the enemy.

But how would you have phrased it?

"The first casualty among Australian troops in Iraq was a soldier who accidentally shot himself."

Does that sound any more respectful?

Whatever way you look at it the situation is ironical.

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There were three casulties in iraq to date

by mjwx In reply to Okay I apologise for the ...

Sorry but I don?t have the links off hand

The first stepped on a landmine
The second was run over in a training accident
And the third is this poor bloke we're talking about.

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Disparate figures

by jardinier In reply to There were three casultie ...

A web search revealed only two, including the current victim:

And yet the story I posted lists a pilot:

In January last year Flight Lieutenant Paul Pardoel, a RAAF-trained C-130 navigator on contract to the RAF, died when his aircraft was shot down north of Baghdad.

There have also been two Australian journalists killed:

Paul Moran, freelance cameraman for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, March 22, northern Iraq.

Australian sound engineer for NBC News, died July 6 at military hospital in Germany from wounds suffered June 29 in a grenade attack on a military vehicle in Fallujah.

Well one death is one too many. Thank you Messrs Bush, Blair and HOWARD.

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by jardinier In reply to There were three casultie ...

As I drive past Brendan Nelson's office every day, I shall endeavour to obtain precise details.

There was a long period (after THAT article was published) when I could not get any replies to my emails to him. It turned out that a member of his staff was apparently intercepting the emails so that they never reached the good doctor.

When that particular staff member left, everything changed. As the former Federal President of the Australian Medical Association AND a practising Roman Catholic, I asked for his opinion on stem cell research.

I received a form letter with some handwritten comments added. And then I received a phone call from his secretary apologising profusely for accidentally sending me the draft of the letter instead of a retyped letter.

So I guess I will get straight answers in future.

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I'm going off the news reports I remember

by mjwx In reply to Afterthought

So they may not be entirely accurate but all three incidences happened. You kind of remember individual deaths when you can count them on one hand.

Like Stalin said "the death of one is a tragedy, the death of a million is a statistic".

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I think they have a name for your type in OZ...

by stand fast In reply to Okay I apologise for the ...

I think they call it a s--t stirrer.... Smile
Aussie definition for someone who likes to create controversy.

Seriously jardinier your Ok..... Just having some fun.

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What is the point in having a discussion

by jardinier In reply to I think they have a name ...

if the topic is NOT controversial?

I would say it is a pretty general rule here that any discussion which does NOT lend itself to controversy, immediately degrades into an endless exchange of light-hearted repartee. This appeals to some people who use the discussions to unwind from the stress of work.

Here is an example of a discussion which is entirely playful banter and as such of NO interest to me personally:

I have plenty of opportunity for repartee with REAL (as distinct from cyber) people each day, and so I am only interested in discussions which provoke thought.

I am considered a sh*t stirrer by some people here simply because I am not: PRO America; PRO George Bush; PRO war and violence; PRO multiple personal firearms; ANTI global warming (myth); ANTI alleged left-wing commie media; and so the list goes on.

Thanks for the kudos though.

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Just having a little fun with ya!

by stand fast In reply to What is the point in havi ...

I see you like to liven the discussion, that cool. As I said I was just having some fun with you jardinier. Your ok.
I feel the same way about the issues you spoke of at the end of your post too.
Have you seen Loose Change 2 yet? If not Goggle it and you may be another dicussion starter for you.

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Even the good Doctor doesn't know anything yet

by jardinier In reply to Australian soldiers are s ...

I stopped following this story when it started turning into a media circus. [It was pushed from number one story when two men were trapped in a mine in Sydney. They are OK ].

However today I called into Brendan Nelson's office and spoke to his secretary, Lee Hall. .

Anyhow she did have the courtesy to answer my question, and explained that an enquiry was taking place and even the Minister for Defence would not have anything to say until the results of the enquiry are released.

And a little side note to Col and other Aussies. I knew Nelson before he became a cabinet minister. HOWEVER, upon being upgraded to the status of Minister for Education and Science, the glass outer wall of the reception area of his office is kept locked and can only be unlocked (to outsiders) from within by his secretary or other staff member. Now what the **** is he afraid of?

Additionally Col, I could see through the glass a large portrait that quite likely is of your uncle. But in order to check, I will have to wait until I have another excuse to confront the dragon lady.

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