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Auto Log Off Windows XP

By warren ·
How do you make a user log off automatically when there has been no activity for a certain period of time?

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Winexit.scr has some annoyances - I prefer...

by mike.panagos In reply to winexit.scr gpedit.msc ...

Such as having to adjust permissions on the registry ( and it's a bit limited (and IMO quite ugly with today's user interface standards).

While there are some OK paid alternatives, I think the one at is the best free screensaver app out there.

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Limitations of WINEXIT ans similar tools

by nospam In reply to Winexit.scr has some anno ...

WINEXIT and its clones do not always log off the users. For example, if the screen is locked, it cannot log off. Or, if the user is disconnected from the server, it cannot log off the user either. It may not work for the limited users. Also, the user may set up a different screensaver and thus disable the automatic logoff.

To make sure the automatic logoff happens no matter what, consider the proper system tools not based on the screen saver functionality, such as our ActiveExit. See the following web page for more discussion:


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Sort of...

by mike.panagos In reply to Limitations of WINEXIT an ...

In my experience, screen locking does not prevent logging off or other actions with the program I linked to. It may have been the case with winexit.scr, but remember that program was written for Windows NT originally.

Now, if the computer has stopped sending signal to the display due to power saving features prior the screensaver running, then it won't run. This is primarily what your software gets around (that and leaving you with the ability to let your users have a screensaver of their choice from the ones already installed to the computer... typically about 5 or 6 options come with Windows). The drawback is that your software requires installation of a service that monitors idle time, where the screensaver idle-time monitoring is already built into Windows.

The other reasons you give are primarily non-issues. You can handle most of these with Terminal Services timeouts and Group Policy or Preferences.

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schedule logoff.exe for your convenient time

by prabinkumarag In reply to Auto Log Off Windows XP

right click on desktop
create shortcut
type logoff
create it

start-allprograms-accessor-system tool-schedule-add scedule
browse the shortcut
select for every login tab
configure the properties as your wish


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