Automatic Reset of Network Adapter in Vista

By ljwei85 ·
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Hi, i am using Windows Vista Business and my connection sometimes drops due to my router. However after my router reconnects to the internet, my PC which is linked via LAN cable to the router remains offline.

I discovered the only way to get it back online is to reset the network adapter by going to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Manage Network Connections > clicking on "Diagnose and Repair" on the LAN icon > and then clicking "Reset Network Adapter"

I usually leave my computer alone for a week unattended for downloads and hence i am in need of a program or script that can automatically do this when the connection drops.

There was a previous post on this, however i do not quite understand how to write the script or if its applicable to Windows Vista:-

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Something better still

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Automatic Reset of Networ ...

M$ Has a Vista Users Group Web Site which is dedicated to Vista Problems where both M$ staff and other users get together to help each other out of new problems that arise from the use of Vista.

You are much better off addressing any questions to this group as M$ monitors the Discussion Forums and gets to know what Problems are occurring in the Wild to their new OS and what they need to do to fix these problems which can range from a simple workaround to a Major Patch or even a Service Pack. If you don't tell M$ about the problems you are having they are unable to do anything about them to prevent them from happening again.

I suggest that you try here for either a solution or at the very least let M$ know of the problem so that they can fix the problem in their coding to stop this happening in the future.


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Question posted on Vista Users Grp Site

by ljwei85 In reply to Something better still

Thanks Col for the reply! I have posted the same question on the suggested user group already. Hope someone there will be able to help me too.

Also if anyone else has any ideas on how to automatically reset the network adapter pls do post! Thx!

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Problem Solved!

by ljwei85 In reply to Automatic Reset of Networ ...

Hi, i solved the problem by assigning a static IP address in my IPv4 settings. Thanks for da help!

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A fix

by cparsons In reply to Automatic Reset of Networ ...

I was experiencing the same difficulties with my gateway, vista software, when my PC would hibernate/shut down. The fix to this is:

In the Properties dialog box, on the Networking tab, in the This connection uses the following items: area, click to clear check mark from Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6). Click OK.


Change the adapter settings for TCP/IPv4.

In the Network Connections window, right-click the network connection you are trying to use (Wireless or Local Area Connection), and then click Properties.
View Picture
In the Properties dialog box, on the Networking tab, click to select your network connection, and then click Configure.
View Picture
In the Controller Properties window, click the Advanced tab.
View Picture
On the Advanced tab, in the Properties area, click to select and then change the value of any option with an option of (IPv4) to Disabled. Click OK. The usual items to look for are: IPv4 Checksum Offload, TCP Checksum Offload (IPv4), UDP Checksum Offload (IPv4).
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Shut down Windows, restart the computer, and then try connecting to the Internet.

I have tested this on multiple platforms and has worked each time.

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by fox_iacmnf In reply to A fix

I have been struggling with this problem for three months with Vista Premium and a Gigabit LAN. This fixed the problem

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Did not resolve issue

by otaku_lord In reply to A fix

In my situation, if you assign a static IP it will work. If you let it resolve through DHCP, it goes to a default IP (169.254.201.*).

I have tried adding a DHCP Ignore command using regedit per TECH SUPPORT GUY, resetting TCPIP and WINSOCK using NETSH, etc. Nothing seems to work.

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i didnt understand wat u were xplaining here

by crack.ark In reply to A fix

sorry can u please explain this procedure clearly some things u said r not there for me or i didnt follow

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Automatic Reset of Network Adapter

by richlane In reply to Automatic Reset of Networ ...

You could try Wireless Connection Monitor. It is a desktop application that is supposed to automatically reset your wireless network connection in the event of a disconnect.

The URL is

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