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Avoid e-mail faux pas with Office AutoCorrect

By Bill Detwiler Editor ·
Microsoft Word users commonly save time and eliminate mistakes by using AutoCorrect to automatically expand abbreviated text. Even if you don't use Word as your Outlook e-mail editor, you can use AutoCorrect to cut down on typing time and catch mistakes Spellcheck misses, or can?t detect. For example, proper names stored in Office?s built-in dictionary.

During this 2 1/2-minute WMV video, Bill Detwiler shows you how AutoCorrect ensures that he correctly spells a coworker?s name in each and every e-mail.

Download and view the video:

Then, join this ongoing discussion and let us know if this video is helpful and if there's anything we can do to improve the video?s format or content.

The process outlined in this video is also available as a TechRepublic article.

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Thanks, but NO thanks..

by dawgit In reply to Avoid e-mail faux pas wit ...

I'll tell you why: 1) when you're useing 2 (or more) languages (normal to me) it's a pain in the a$$. It's just too much for the OS to try to guess what is correct, in which language. I use a dictionary (I know not offten enuf) 2) Security, do we need to discuss Word and Macros and security? You do reallize how easy it is to rip an e-mail (or Word.doc) apart and look at all those mistakes & changes? Plain text is even better. (Copy & Paste, works just fine) -d

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Word not required

by Bill Detwiler Editor In reply to Thanks, but NO thanks..


You may be correct about this process not working well for multiple languages. I only compose e-mails in English and have not tested this solution with other languages. I would love to hear from someone who has. But, I don't believe this process creates a security risk. First, you don't have to use Word as your e-mail editor for this process to work. Second, you can still create, edit, and send e-mails in plain text. You don't have to use rich text or HTML.

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