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Baby Llama

By Bob in Calgary ·
Yesterday I was just checking the barn and found a newly born baby LLama (Totally surprised as we didn't think any were due for 5 months) She weighs in at 21 pounds, both mum and baby are doing well. To lighten up the discussion board does anyone have any good names? our ranch is called mystical hill camelids so a name along those lines would be appropriate.

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Yukon Denali Llama

by jdmercha In reply to Baby Llama

Would be better if you were from Alaska.

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Yukon Denali Llama

by jdmercha In reply to Baby Llama

Would be better if you were from Alaska.

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How about

by 1stladytech In reply to Baby Llama

the Dolly Llama!

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by Oz_Media In reply to How about

Dolly the Llama

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I like this one!

by Salamander In reply to How about
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Bob needs a website

by Oz_Media In reply to Baby Llama

OR if he has one, it isn't indexed properly.

Send me email, Bob. I think you have my addy, right? I'll help you out I just need a few pictures and any ideas you may have, you most likely have some free webspace from your ISP or I can set you up with really cheap hosting and a domain name if you prefer.

Anyway, I was searching through Alberta myths and mythical history, seems like everything there was pretty much set in stone though, not too many mythical women to base a name on, you would be aware of more. That's what happens when your province is put on the map by Sam Steele, too regimental for imagination or what?

What a great place though! Hat's off to Albertan's for such a great job!

NO DEBT!!! WOOHOO!!! A budget SURPLUS! Next to no taxes, and cheap everything, what a province for a country to be proud of! That's it, I'm moving, mind if I bring the ocean view?

All in all,

I figured it would be a litle more personal to find a local female mythical person/creature than a generic one. Any pop into your head?


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by Bob in Calgary In reply to Bob needs a website

No we don't have a website, we only get dialup access out at the ranch and on a good day only 18K connect speed, We tried to get one running a couple of years ago but gave up in frustration.

Nope I don't think I have your email address.

The Baby Lllama is doing well, I just hope the weather doesn't turn cold to soon, She and her mum were in the barn for the last two days but we've had +14 temps yesterday which is melting the snow and flooding the barn so there back in the corral with the other girls.

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no sweat

by Oz_Media In reply to Website

I thought we'd chatted by email some time ago, but it may have been through the peer contact or just on TR.

Send me you ideas, some pics etc.
If you have a company logo, you can send me a copy, if you WANT a company logo send me some outlines and ideas you may have and I can build something with you that way.

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How about a Spanish name

by jardinier In reply to Baby Llama

as the llama is native to South America.

Sorry I don't know any Spanish, but I am sure you could find a Hispanic person who could offer some suggestions.

But DON'T call him Pajero (the name for a series of mostly SUVs manufactured by Mitsubishi). I have NEVER been able to get a Hispanic person to admit the literal translation of this word, but it always creates great merriment to a Spanish-speaking person.

Apparently it is the equivalent of our word "w*nk."

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What about 'Dama-Ding-****'!

by Fonken Monken UK In reply to Baby Llama

First thing that came to my mind after Llama!

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