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Baby Llama

By Bob in Calgary ·
Yesterday I was just checking the barn and found a newly born baby LLama (Totally surprised as we didn't think any were due for 5 months) She weighs in at 21 pounds, both mum and baby are doing well. To lighten up the discussion board does anyone have any good names? our ranch is called mystical hill camelids so a name along those lines would be appropriate.

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Can you give out recipes for rack of baby llama???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Baby Llama

Or are they better as chops or roasts??? Pehaps llama burgers??? Just joking.
New life is always cool and exciting but I couldn't resist a feeble attempt at a bit of humour. After all we've seen recipes for boiled puppies on this site.

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by Jessie In reply to Can you give out recipes ...
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Not if it ages a bit or you serve it Sechuan style.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Hmph!

Just think in a black bean sauce.

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Too young

by Bob in Calgary In reply to Can you give out recipes ...

At this stage they are all legs and fur, Llamas have to be atleast 3 years old before the're good to eat. We occasionally process one of the geldings Tastes like beef but with zero fat.

Llama jerky tastes really good.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Too young

If more of the male Llamas were jerking, maybe Crackerjack wouldn't have been knocked up to begin with (hope he's got a good job or same damn fine wool...barns and hay aren't free!).

Then again if they were jerky they wouldn't be getting her pregnant either.

Do you sell jerky and wool at the local farmers markets? They have a bunch of them on the island. Not with Llama jerky that I know of though, more fudge and nuts and stuff.

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Llama nuts????

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Hmmm

Is that sort of like prairie oysters. I suppose llama fudge might be good for the garden. What is your idea as to stuff or are you implying Bob is stuffing more than just turkeys?

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by Bob in Calgary In reply to Llama nuts????

They'd be pretty small for prairie oysters You'd have to geld a lot of Llamas to get a decent meal. Llama fudge is great for the garden, Let me know if you need a couple of tons, It's free but you have to pay shipping and handling. Leave my turkeys out of it, that was a pretty fowl insinuation.

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And The Name is...................

by Bob in Calgary In reply to Baby Llama


Thanks to Jesse for the winning idea and everyone else for the suggestions.

Mist was chosen because the little girl is grey with dark patches, It's in keeping with the ranch name and it's been foggy nearly every night since she was born. I guess our theme for names will become Norse Gods and legends. Saves racking my brain until it's Thor.

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