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BACK Up sequencing - any comments or advice?

By limmartin ·
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Our schedule, any comments?
we have been doing this...

1st back up full (anyday)
mon-thu differential
fri full
Month end full (last friday of the month)

We have 2 sets mon-fri tapes, 1 for odd month and the other for even month.

As for month end, we retain 12 tapes (one for each month).

Any comments on this? Please share your experience and advice what I can do to improve..thanks in advance.

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Jacky Howe shared the GFS with me

by limmartin In reply to BACK Up sequencing - any ...

thought I'd post it here since we're in the topic of back up.

Grandfather, Father, Son (GFS) rotation method
has always worked for me. You can use 12 tapes at a minimum but 20 would be recommended as the end of month backup will extend your data retrieval options.
Posted: 08/24/2009 @ 01:12 AM (PDT)
Jacky Howe 866
Job Role: Technical/PC Support
Location: Bundaberg, Queensland
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My Schedule

by maclovin In reply to BACK Up sequencing - any ...

Daily (Incremental)- MON-THU
FULL (Recycle/New Media) - FRIDAY

I rotate the full tapes every three weeks.

They're not put into my car with a fancy seat heater(...though I have one, it's not that fancy...a 95 Saab 900.).

The Full tapes go directly to the bank on Monday/Tuesday. The daily one stays in the server room.

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No bank option

by CharlieSpencer In reply to My Schedule

My monthly full set goes to the house. Each nightly differential goes to the house, and I bring back the previous day's diff in the morning. At the end of the month, the last full set is replaced by the new one. The older full set comes back and gets shipped to our other facility; they transfer it to permanent off-site storage.

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Full set....

by maclovin In reply to No bank option

...still recycles the past media every month then, if I understand correctly.

Which is what I was thinking of doing, as I never understood why my predecessor chose every 3 weeks...lunacy I guess

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Not lunacy.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Full set....

Lunar backups would be done every 29.5 days.

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BOFH style

by maclovin In reply to Not lunacy.

My favorite!

Even then, it's still dodgy hitting the 29.5 day schedule.

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