Backup Policy in a Company (Local PC's files/ system backup and etc)

By Nikki_J ·
I'm a system admin in a office, but just a beginner....

Now we are trying to define the backup policy on user's laptop/ desk top PC.

We have file server but currentry used for only sharing purpose.
So when uer's PC crushes, their data will be gone. Though if all users save ALL data they have, file server may be slow or full.(Rather, we can imagine how it will be)

Some people backup with portable HD or USB, but some don't.
Also there are a lot of video/photo data in the office which can not be all stored in the file server. (because the size is big) Those are saved on to the DVD-R and C drive locally now.

I'm looking for a good practice regarding internal controll for the backup plicy.
How other company manages the data? How often do people backup and in which media?

Though we have exchange server(some users are in Exchange mode, moste of them are pop user), we still want email backup with pst file. But how often should the user back up?

Yes, its all depends on the compnay but I'd like to know how other companies manage.
Becasue I have to suggest the policy!!

Backup objects are:
1.PC's image backup (System backup)
---External hard disk? Once in 6month?

2.Local PC's files(Excel, Word,etc)
----USB or portable HD? Once a month?

3.Emails (pst file)
----USB or portable HD? Once a month?

4.Photos and videos
---DVD-R& external HD, once a month?

Is it too frequent to Backup?

Please give me some tips and references....
Thank you so much in advance!

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Depends on what you are using as a Mail Server

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks a lot

And where the Mail is coming from. All incoming Mail should be passed through something like Exchange if you're a M$ Only shop or Apache for scalable services.

If that's the case here then it's a simple matter of just holding copies on the server/s and backing up the copies on the server and don't bother about local machines.

However if things like G-Mail, Hot Mail and so on are in use it gets more difficult as this e-mail isn't stored locally and as it's hosted on other companies Servers you have no direct control over the Data so from my prospective it's not suitable. That however doesn't stop some using it.


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by Nikki_J In reply to Depends on what you are u ...

Thank you Col, and sorry for late reply.

The server is Exchnage2003 but using POP mode. we don't "Leave a copy on the server" for some reasons...
So I'm wondring how we can execute the backup procedure & plicy....
Once you download your email, thats it!
No emails are remained in the server.....

pst file back up is a way, but cant do it every day nor week.....

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The real question is

by mafergus In reply to Thanks

Is there anyway you can get your users to stop using pop3? If you can get them t us some of the native features of exchange, you can accommodate remote/traveling users and allow you to keep their folders on the server. Otherwise you will end up with a lot of potential exposure.

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by Nikki_J In reply to The real question is

Thats the thing.
The vendor they use only let them use POP, not Exchange for some reasons.
So I have no choice to think how to back up for POP users.
I know exchange mode is a lot more practical...

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