Backup solutions - Part III

By jdclyde ·
Ok everyone, here we go.

I have learned a lot in my last two Backup questions, so here we can try to pull it all together.
Looking for ideas for Backups - 06/15/2009
Can you image for backups? - 06/29/2009


I admit to knowing the basics they teach you in the Admin classes, but need to update to the latest technology.

I have three servers, only one saves data.

Mentioned in the last question was a quote I got for $300/month for a managed solution. After explaining that was not in the realm of my reality, they came back with one for $150, but I don't think it does the server visualization the first one did.

This got me thinking, should I go with a NAS or one of the solutions that has removable hard drives that look like cartridges?

What is the benefit of one over the other?

What are good brands to go with, and which are good to avoid?

Took a quick look at different NAS solutions, and know right off the bat that I don't want anything to do with Dlink or Netgear. Not going to risk my reputation by saving a few bucks up front.

Does a NAS give me bare-metal recovery for multiple servers?

If I have a NAS, how do you get an off-site copy?

Or should I go with an updated Tape backup? Currently have a DAT72, and it just does NOT have the capacity required.

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Must be

by The Scummy One In reply to so then

as I have never heard of volume shadow copy before opening this thread :0

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I have heard the term

by jdclyde In reply to so then

but never knew exactly what it was or what it did.

As shadows are the absence of light, and devoid of mass, how can they have volume? :0

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I find

by shasca In reply to so then

That to be a mere Shadow of a real observation, and or question.

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by jdclyde In reply to Sorry -- I was commenting ...

Yeah, go with that....

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All aIcould do to try to save face

by The Scummy One In reply to Momentarily?

but I will not admit to more than momentarily!!!

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Contact these guys

by shasca In reply to Backup solutions - Part I ...

Hit up these guys to see if they can help you too.

We have a lefthand solution that has had multiple hardware failures. They replaced the whole unit, and told us to hold on to the old. We now have a better storage system on our test environment than most companys have as their primary. They have greatly improved the product line.

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I shot you an email.

by The Scummy One In reply to Backup solutions - Part I ...

not exactly what you want (different target) but there may be some useful info in there.

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Will be giving it a read in a little bit

by jdclyde In reply to I shot you an email.
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dropped half price? I'd be cautious ...

by CG IT In reply to Backup solutions - Part I ...

Haven't really seen a definitive set of specifications on your needs for disaster recovery and data backup JD. Think if you have a definitive set of specs, getting the right hardware or software solutions would be easier.

Never liked NAS. They have their own software. Just another set of software and licensing to track and maintain. If I was going for network storage, I'd just get a Windows or a Linux box, stuff it with hard drives and use that.

If the current tape system doesn't have the capacity you need but tape meets the specs, I'd go with large capacity tape system. In todays business environment, I'm sure you can get great pricing.

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The problem with tape as a solution

by jdclyde In reply to dropped half price? I'd b ...

how do I get disaster recovery for two servers that have a lot of configuration but do not store data? Can't buy a tape drive for each of them, which is why in the second question I was toying with the idea of getting a disk image of them.

This is such a pain, and is keeping me from doing "real" work.... ;\

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