Backup-to-disk configuration question

By otaku_lord ·
OK, here is the setup:

Full backup to tape on weekends.
Differential backup to disk on weekdays.

I have been tasked with moving the backup-to-disk folders to a new server that has a lot more space on it than the current device.

I have created the folders on the new servers. I have gone into "Devices" and added the folders as Backup-To-Disk entries.

Each backup job is run to a device pool consisting of the native server and a remote server folder. I removed the original BTD folders from the remote server and added the newly created folders to the device pool for each job accordingly.

When I procede to the testrun, the jobs fail stating: "Warning: Unable to reasonably detect which device this job will run to. Different possible outcomes depending on which device this job runs to. Please target a specific device to avoid this conflict."

I have checked the settings on the original, remote drive folders and see nothing different in the properties of either set.

If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate the input.

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That idea...

by otaku_lord In reply to Yeah try mapping the driv ...


The only drives that Backup Exec will even recognize are the two hard drives on the main system.

I am still waiting for IS Director to return from vacation to see about installing it on the new server...

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I don't know what I did...

by otaku_lord In reply to Backup-to-disk configurat ...

but the backups are now working. I changed the following settings:

Device (to new B2D folder)
When this job begins (changed to Overwrite)
Backup Method for files (changed to Differential)

All eight of my jobs ran successfully last night with files going to the new server instead of being kept on the previous server...

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way to go, sounds like you know what you did:

by netwrk_admn In reply to I don't know what I did.. ...

Now just make sure you have a full back up, as well as differentials. That'd be awkward if that was missed

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Going good...

by otaku_lord In reply to way to go, sounds like yo ...

with the B2D. All have been moveed over except one. It is doing the same thing as the others but I am going to mess around with it to see what the difference is. I honestly don't even think I did anything to facilitate the B2D's success. It seems like they just "started working on their own..."

As for fulls, they go to tape so all is good there since nothing changed with them!!

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