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Backwards OS Install Tragedy

I was running WIN7 and being frustrated by its quirkiness, its complete lack of backwards support, and lack of drivers for XP programs. I decided to go back to XP.
I thought installing WIN7 was a mistake, but the install program of XP caused the biggest mistake of my LIFE.
Under WIN7, my 500 GB SATA drive was C: and E:, with assigned to the 200GB IDE drive.
For some evil reason, XP (and I did not find this out until hours after the install) decided that the IDE was C.

I lost basically my last five years of work - 160 GB of files. Sure, some is backed up on DVD, and maybe I can find a few GB of copies. Part of the install was motivated by the fact that I could not get the WIN7 system to burn DVDs to back up my data. So I had planned to back it up after the XP install.
All of my graphics work, my entire website, all my raw photography images all the way back to 2006, tens of thousands of pictures; all my writings, over a thousand handmade scans of 35mm slides and negatives, and a host of other files and programs and data; I was using that partition as a temp storage for the install!
So users beware; XP and WIN7 see hardware in fundamentally different ways. Apparently WIN7 sees a SATA as primary, and XP sees an IDE as primary.
I am devastated. I'm not whining, I am warning. There was no way to tell that XP had altered the lettering of the drives by looking at the install screen. There's nothing I can do now; I cannot afford to send the drive to have the data recovered.
So - be careful out there.

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Not difficult...

by jeslurkin In reply to How the heck did that hap ...

...when dealing w/ someone as 'behinder' as I.

Someday I may need to remember that XP does not natively come with SATA drivers, etc. Links to apps of which I was not aware are helpful too. My own 'disaster' taught me that I need to make an even greater effort to be 'backupable'. :)

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Okay...really....let me get this straight

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Backwards OS Install Trag ...

You had 5 years worth of work (160 GB) that you didn?t bother backing up before upgrading to a new operating system?.then you tried to go back to the former operating system after installing the new one and you?re complaining about losing stuff.

<b>Well duh!</b>

Every dummy knows they should back up their files before changing computers/operating systems.

What do you think would happen if you blew a hard drive? Do you think you?d be able to pull all that data out of thin air magically?
And yeah, when you install a new OS (operating system) it almost always reconfigures the hard drive/partition assignments?then to try to go back to the old OS?..well?.what the H311 were you thinking when you didn?t ?bother? to back anything up?

Now?.as for your comment?.let me quote it?? I am devastated. I'm not whining, I am warning?.

You?re most certainly whining in my books....and I should add....there are many freeware programs out there that can be quite useful in recovering deleted data....even from delete partitions......
Maybe you should try using Google or Bing before making judgments about the way an OS installer works.....

Better yet....maybe you learn how to backup your data....Paragon has a nice utility & it?s <u>FREE</u>....check it out....

PurpleSkys & I use it across our network?.differential backups every night?full backups on the weekends?.works great?..get yourself a 1 TB external drive & start doing backups?.you?ll save yourself once in awhile.

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Darryl, buddy, let it go.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Okay...really....let me g ...

deICERAY has acknowledged he didn't go about this the right way. He had an external, but W7 wouldn't recognize it. That's one of the reasons he wanted XP back, however mistaken his approach may have been. We've already fed him ration load of grief; please don't pile more on now that he's come to grips with his mistake.


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i told him

by PurpleSkys In reply to Darryl, buddy, let it go.

he should have read through the rest first...but ya know how it goes
he had to run with it... :-P

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She knows I don't

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to i told him

listen to her.


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by PurpleSkys In reply to She knows I don't

sure, tell these nice folks what you will only person that needs convincing is you lol...and seeing how i can't watch a good hockey game tonight, i'm off to watch Dr. Who...have a good one good ppl :)
edited: for bad spelling as pointed out by my pesky husband

Collapse - here we go...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to pffttt

Not sure what hockey game

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See what I mean?....check the time on the edit.

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to pffttt

It's hard to be be an Eagle when there's a partridge hanging around...

Had to do that varation....just to give you a giggle.

So.....I ask her...."What hockey game are you talking about tonight"

She say....uuppss....don't type back & hit "enter"....well <b>duh</b>...I'm a male & a husband....caught the wife in something that I'd never be able to live down if it was me....

So then she does the "edit"....I couldn't resist a reply to note that...(check the time of my post & the time of her edit).

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Dude, I hope you have a comfortable sofa. No, repeat NO, text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to pffttt
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She doesn't listen to me either....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Dude, I hope you have a c ...

It works well that way....we just talk away to ourselves :)

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