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bad manager, what to do

By louis29 ·
I've been in my current position for very nearly 12 months. I work in a small IT department, me and my boss. Its my bosses first management position and i've got to be honest he's not very good at it. Things have been getting more and more strained between us because I get that he doesn't trust me, He never delegates, and can never take my word for something he always has to go back and check and do things his way. Recently he has started picking me up on even the smallest things even things that aren't my fault. Its got to the point now where it's starting to effect my life inside and outside of work. My confidence and motivation has gone and i come home from work and it just winds me up even more!!! What should i do? I'm currently looking for a new position but with no confidence its quite difficult to sell yourself in an interview. If i was to hand my resignation in, how do i explain it to future employers. Or what would people views of taking 6 months off then travelling be. Im 24 years of age with 2 years commercial experiance

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I've been through that.

by jkameleon In reply to I agree and disagree with ...

No salary can compensate it, because there's no way one can endure this for long.

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Same Situation, Different Rules

by JonathanPDX In reply to I agree and disagree with ...

I worked for an organization that had 24x7 support, but it was with the understanding that if we WERE called in the wee hours, we didn't have to show up at 08:00 sharp the next morning. Since we were already on an electronic leash, it's not like we were very far away, and it did allow for a little more rest between emergencies.

If it did turn out to be something that 2nd-level could have handled, that was always made perfectly clear to them and their supervisors in a tactful manner as an after-action report. Funny how, when they were made to look stupid (in a nice way) how they started solving problems themselves.

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This will happen again

by DC Guy In reply to bad manager, what to do

You might as well learn to deal with this situation now because it will happen several more times during your working life.

All of the suggestions given here are good. However, don't be surprised if "talking to your boss" doesn't work out the way you hoped. He was probably a technician before his promotion, he has very little experience in management, and technicians tend to have poorly developed people skills, that's one major reason they go into IT.

You may be able to help him, you may be able to create a better working relationship, one that nurtures him into becoming a better manager.

But it's also possible that this won't happen. The guy might be a hopeless jerk. Or your relationship may have progressed to the point that it can't be repaired. Or he may be some executive's wife's niece's husband and nobody cares if he's doing a good job.

The best advice you've gotten is to learn to compartmentalize this so it doesn't affect the rest of your life. He's a cockroach, don't take him home with you. Of course that's easier said than done. But there are all kinds of things you can do to improve your coping skills, from TM to EFT to Jungian therapy to going out dancing to getting absorbed in a fascinating hobby.

Do you have a dog? Get one if you don't. Spending more time with your dog is a guaranteed stress reducer.

Everyone should be prepared to live through two or three years of this type of situation without having it get too far under their skin. It's going to happen.

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I was terminated due to corporate politics and nasty managers

by Why Me Worry? In reply to bad manager, what to do

Read my thread and you will see how bad things can really get in a corporate setting

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by louis29 In reply to I was terminated due to c ...

Thanks for all the input, Its definatly got me thinking.

We sat down at my pay review and i mentioned, the trust issue and the lack of work being delegated, he said that he did trust me and was very pleased with my standard of work. He then asked me what i thought needed doing, and he then said ok you do all that. Since that day I have had nothing delegated down to me apart from simple mundane tasks. That was back in April. We work from seperate offices, at either end of the country so getting to sit down with him can be quite tricky

I try not to take it home with me, and if I have a bad day i quite often go to the pub!!

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thanks for this

by rachelpena In reply to

definitely helpful .. not in IT but working in a support position in a tech company. =)

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Waiting for delegation?

by TechLizard In reply to

It sounds like back in April your boss asked you to take the initiative to take on what you thought needed doing, now you're waiting for it to be "delegated" to you? Maybe you feel he doesn't trust you because in six months you haven't picked up the ball and ran with it. A lot of times in IT we are not directed, we know what needs doing and we do it.

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Bad? How do you know?

by mgtucker In reply to bad manager, what to do

There is too much judging going on. If you think and feel the way you do, find another manager. It is always better for YOUR career to help, support, affirm your manager no matter what. Your post shows your new-ness. Either develop yourself under a new-ish manager or find an experienced manager who will take you under his/her wing. Check your posts, Email messages, everything you do for misspellings, mistakes, anything that takes away from your professionalism. Develop your professionalism. What if your boss is trying to help you? You are ultimately responsible for your life despite who your boss's bosses put in charge of your job.

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I would do the same thing...

by raju.rawat@burrenegypt. In reply to bad manager, what to do

If you had that position, I bet you would even screw it up more than him..Managers do have to be so techie..Its not his Job, its your job. His *** is on the line and not yours.. basically you are on the safe side and he is just cautioning you not blaming you. Take it easy pal!! I know nobody credits you there.

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Beer now that's a positive solution

by antispock In reply to bad manager, what to do

Alchohol should only be used for celibrations.

If you have a bad day, go for a walk not a drink. Get out and breathe.

If your boss isn't giving you tough assignments go home and work on some Open source software project. If your projects are that easy then you should have time at work to bring the open source projects with you.

Think what contibuting to an OCR for Linux product would do for the world at large, your self esteem and your resume.

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