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Ban Sarah And Meshy petition

By LordInfidel ·
Look enough is enough.

For the past several days we have been bombarded by these 2 ignorant responses and interruptions.

I am urging ALL republic members to sign off to this petition to have these people removed from the republic or at least silenced.

Do not reply to them, don't answer their questions, don't help them. IGNORE THEM! Period.

Please just reply to the post and just put the words "Ban Them!" in the Subject. No message is required. They should get the hint.

I'm over their ingorance. Let's get back to helping people.

Michael B. Morell aka DarkOverlord
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Don't meddle in the affairs of sysadmins, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

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Why rename?

by NickNielsen In reply to I am the BOFH!

Just perform the Heinlein maneuver!

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Technical Questions

by admin In reply to Technical Questions...

As far as I could tell from reading here, Technical Questions are not "improper" in the discussion forum. My interpretation would be that if you are sitting around the "coffeehouse" and asked a tech qustion, that it may or may not get answered, and may or may not get answered well.

Contrasting this forum with the Q&A, which supposedly has a "currency", it seems that ideally you should get good answers there because you are "paying" for them, unlike the discussion forum where you are casual.
Some people don't like to talk shop in real life on their lunch break, some do. Some get miffed if you're not talking tech in the discussions and some want tech questions taken to the Q&A.

The way I figure, if I don't want to participate in a discussion, I don't.

I respect your views and wonder if you see this differently, and how.

You are right in that I haven't asked Q&A questions (or answered any) in a long time. In my view, that side of TR was pretty much sucking in an extreme way some time ago. I have not been there in a while, and perhaps it's changed a lot and I'm missing out now, and I do thank you for the reminder. I have felt that some of the discussions have gone to a new level technically, and have enjoyed that, so it is reasonable to assume that Q&A has too.

Thank You. :>

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Didnt think of that

by radiic In reply to Ban Sarah And Meshy petit ...

Wow my first reaction was to e-mail TR with a list of the names that I found that this person was portraying. I did that without even thinking that hey that wont stop them. **** they could just make up new names. But i was hoping that TR was a little bit more high tech than that, and that they could check their logs and see if this person had a static IP they could block.

I have to agree though, now thinking that it might be like someone having fun in IRC. Some of the chans I use to hang in years ago that was the whole point was to gain ops of the channel. Remember riding server splits>>? And then ban kicking any one who else joined the channel. I do man that was fun.

I guess i have to agree that However annoying this person is that if ignored will go back to the aol chat rooms and annoy the other 13 year olds.


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Hope so....

by LordInfidel In reply to Didnt think of that

In reality I was hoping that I would get one of their e-mails.... I have been feeling quite evil lately.

(been researching "network security" for our network, could of used a new "test" system)

Seriously though.... I think they got the message, I have not seen them since.

Mission Accomplished? I guess we will see.


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Hey LordInfidel/******* Operator

by admin In reply to Hope so....

From ****/DarkOverlord,

I'll gladly send you a copy of an e-mail....

They sent them through the peer directory though, so the headers were stripped.

Maybe there's remnants at var/spool/mail at TR if ya look though :>

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BAN THEM *******!

by rzan In reply to Hey LordInfidel/Bastard O ...


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owejng-secret code!

by meshyslanky In reply to BAN THEM FUCKERS!

someone is having a bad day huh...poor thing! You all love it! -------D~

PS You all loved the title, huh???????!

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Hear me out !

by meshyslanky In reply to Ban Sarah And Meshy petit ...

I think that is very unfair. I say to all of is the time for all Americans to fight for their rights...patience, speech, to just be kind in general. You "DarkOverload" are obviously a very ignorant man and maybe you should be the one to be banned from here. No one wants to surround themselves w/ the same ignorance that we have all been trying to fight! Grow up...and while your at it..take all that agree w/ you and start another can call it ""

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TOOO Funny!

by meshyslanky In reply to Ban Sarah And Meshy petit ...

You guys are tooooo funny. You talk about how it is all a wast of time and how we have crossed the line but you all obviously enjoy it because hear we are again having a huge conversation that all of us "the ignorant ones" were not even involved inand we are still the topic of conversation! You can pretend all you want but once again, we are the topic! So whatever, ignore us, play with us, be mean to us...but you are all enjoying it all!

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It's back - aarrrgh!

by eBob In reply to Ban Sarah And Meshy petit ...

Somebody pass me a gun!

Just saw a couple of posts from Meshy. The usual asinine drivel, of course.

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