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Bank leaks information on 1,325 customers then sues google

By Neon Samurai ·

The short version, a bank emailed a customer but got the address wrong so the email want to an incorrect gmail account. It get's better, a file was attached which was not meant to be sent in the first place; intimate data about 1,325 individual and business customers. The bank then pursued the only logical response to it's own incompetence; sue google.

I have some questions:

- What kind of drugs made it seem like a good idea to handle sensative information between banker and customer using email.

- Given the use of some really good drugs that made this seem like a good idea; why was the email not encrypted? It may be an extra click or two but encryption is not complicated enough to justify it's lack of use in a bank.

- A gmail account.. seriously?.. the bank is communicating intimated details through email.. the email is not encrypted.. and they accept a gmail account as a trusted address for the customer.

- How does someone working with, say.. hypothetically.., thousands of customer's identifying banking information not have the qualifications to pay attention to what file they are attaching to an email. And what craptacular thought process made it ok to have this file unencrypted in the first place let alone on a storage drive somewhere instead of in a secured database?

yeah.. so they're sueing Google to find out who owns the wrong gmail address they sent the information too.

I have an idea, contact each of those 1.2 and let them know they're data is in the wind. Walk them through the process of changing all related passwords and login names. Help them out with the process of changing account numbers. Accept responsibility and work with the customers to make the leaked information of no value to any third party source.

On the up side, the incorrect recipient hasn't been branded an "eev'il hacksorses"; after all, they didn't respond to the banks email.. so they must be nefarious no-goods which fits the public's misconception right?

Just one of those news stories that makes me think WTF is wrong with people. Darwin was right but not enough people are competing in the Darwin Awards.

If your a customer of the bank, you may want to express your enthusiasm for there data management practices. What are your thoughts...

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