Batch Deleting

By mamies ·
I have a problem with the tildy files that are left on the network drive and they wont disapear when you close the document. At the moment i need to search all of these files and delete them.

Although i was thinking of creating a batch process then putting in scheduled tasks to automatically delete the files.

I have no idea what to write in the batch file. If any one can help it is greatly appreciated.

Note. The files a spread out in hundreds of folders so a simple del ~*.* wont work


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Are you saying

by Jacky Howe In reply to Tell them

that you are relying on temp files as a backup.

Wouldn't it be easier to get the staff to save them as a real backup. EG: tmp'filename.doc' it would help to distinguish them from the temp files.

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Delete only if a particular file doesn't exist:

by jruby In reply to Deleting files

Use this type of line in your batch file:

IF NOT EXIST Image.jpg DEL Image2.jpg

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Unknown Particular file

by mamies In reply to Delete only if a particul ...

The particular file is unknown tho. I do not know what the file names are so am unable to do this, There are also multiple files and when i say multiple i mean hundreds of these files and they always end up in a differant place. Very annoying

BTW this is not a backup. I want to delete the backups that an application uses. We have our backups on another drive but the program keeps creating more so i want to delete them automatically because they use HEAPS of space

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