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Battle Horns Sounding: Google plans new OS based on Chrome


The battle lines have been drawn, and Microsoft might have a little reason to sweat: Google has announced plans for a web-OS based on their Chrome browser to compete against MS Windows. Linux will power the underneath stuff for the OS, but the interface, design and implementation will be all Google.

I personally like Chrome, but find it a little difficult to use in terms of the bookmarks and other ?everyday? uses. I like the look and speed of it though, and MS may have to start looking over their shoulder a bit now that there?s a company with pretty much equal resources and clout that?s looking to move into their neighborhood.

This article details more of the thinking and changes that are going into the OS, but suffice it to say that Google has thought this through and aim to make a truly and totally web-friendly OS, and they are shooting for a 2010 release for the OS, as of now (around the timeframe of Windows 7, coincidentally).

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I doubt it

by Dr Dij In reply to Battle Horns Sounding: Go ...

Google cant get new version of google earth running on w2k. Only will support vista and xp. So now they'll have another OS to support?

Appears crhome won't run on my older desktop either for same reason, just my laptop.

M$ AND Goo-Goo have screwed the pooch till they start supporting automatic execution of multiple virtual OS versions on demand transparently to end user. (without an IT staff, on your home PC). This is the only way to solve the programmed obsolete software.

Why should we have to buy new hardware, and new apps and fill up land fills because a marketing guy decides to make your OS obsolete?

How an OS SHOULD be like: we have an embedded OS in machine in dr ofc. It boots up, takes a reading, does color gradient maps. It just feels weird as it says win 95 on it as boots. You never see this otherwise.

It SHOULD NOT MATTER! What if upon every change of OS it stopped working? It WOULD stop working if they ever updated the OS. Yet it DOESN'T RUN ON M$ TIME, as it is an instrument for a purpose not a PC.

This is how PCs should work. Instead FUD means people thro out their PCs and even charities don't want older OS or HW.

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Old News

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Battle Horns Sounding: Go ...
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Deleted - double post

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Battle Horns Sounding: Go ...
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Where have you been?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Battle Horns Sounding: Go ...

This 'news' is at least two weeks old. We've already debated as much about Chrome as can be done without any actual software present.

"...they are shooting for a 2010 release for the OS, as of now (around the timeframe of Windows 7, coincidentally)."

And, FYI, W7 will be out in Oct 2009, not 2010.

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