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Be aware of this wireless Internet access vulnerability

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How much does your organization depend on wireless technology? How much of a threat does the "evil twin" issue present to your organization? Does your company's security policy address employees' use of public hot spots for work-related activities? Share your comments about the security risks of wireless Internet access, as discussed in the Feb. 7 Internet Security Focus newsletter.

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by jrice In reply to Be aware of this wireless ...

If you use default settings for wireless your a goof and you sure the **** did not earn your pay. I have a network that needs wireless and its secure. Thats my job!!

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wireless security

by apotheon In reply to Be aware of this wireless ...

Dealing with wireless networks drives me up the wall. It's not because the networking technology itself is difficult to figure out. That's actually pretty simple. Setting up WEP and securing the network against intrusion is a breeze, especially when dealing with black-box wireless networking appliances. Most of them even include web-based administrative utilities for configuration.

The real problem that arises is in dealing with the people that use the networks. Having some schmuck not understand that losing his WEP encryption key is bad, then complaining because he can't get his new laptop to connect to his fancy-schmancy 802.11g network, annoys me to no end. It's not difficult, people. Tape the WEP encryption key to the underside of your wireless router, if you have to.

Microsoft is making morons of people. Seriously. Every password is saved, every configuration is pre-set at the least secure default possible, and nobody wants to have to think about what they're doing. God forbid someone should take advantage of their lax security, though, and compromise their networks. Suddenly, they're running around trying to figure out who they can blame for their own willful ignorance.

Enable WEP. Make careful note of your WEP encryption key. Don't lose it. Oh, yeah, and turn on the firewall. That'll be a big help.

That's just for starters, but it would be a huge improvement over what most people do.

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