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Bench seats or bucket seats

By jardinier ·
And now for something completely different ....

In my opinion the greatest leap BACKWARDS in automobile development was replacing the bench front seat with bucket seats.

The first car I bought brand new (in 1963) was a Ford Cortina 1500. It could fit 6 adults with passable comfort, had a boot with almost the same capacity as a family car, not to mention doing 32 MPG in town and 38 MPG in the country.

Regardless of the size of the car, by replacing the front bench seat with bucket seats, the carrying capacity is immediately reduced from 6 to 5.

I was looking at a recent model Jeep Cherokee today. Even the rear seat was designed to seat only two people.

Additionally I have never sat in ANY bucket seat that gave the support to the lower back in the way every bench seat did.

And as for extra-curricular activities -- well you just can't do squat in any newly designed car.

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Bucket seats

by antuck In reply to Bench seats or bucket sea ...

I have always liked the feel of bucket seats. Especially, when strapped in with my seatbelt. Bench seats I have always felt like I slipping across the seat. Most of the newer buckets have some kind of lumbar support you can adjust.

I've actually only owned couple of cars that had bench seats. The rest have always been bucket seats.

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by taylorjamer11 In reply to Bucket seats

Bucket seats range in style, price, and size, but for our budget, we knew it was time for another trip to California Mini-Truck Dismantlers. There, we found a bunch of sets we could choose from at a fraction of the cost. Since we eventually will be reupholstering the seats, we weren't really concerned about the appearance of the <a href="font">"><font color="black">jeep seat</font></a> covers.

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Reason why

by ippirate In reply to Bench seats or bucket sea ...

Bucket seats were originally introduced and continue to be implemented because of the safety factor involved.

Bench seats provide for all types of odd dynamics to a biologic when involved in a high energy interaction, in short, vehicle accident. Buckets a designed to better address the forces involved and to better interact with seatbelts to lower overall spatial displacement of the biologic mass in question (this would be you), which in turn lowers (hopefully) the overall effect that the incident has on you. If you will think back, buckets came out about the same time that crumple points (weak points built speciffically into the frame and body to ensure that the vehicle folds around the passenger compartment during impact rather than introducing the two in a much more immediate and direct fashion, i.e. the hood of the vehicle being driven through the windshield at impact and resulting in decapitation.


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That is one of the things that ADR's are supposed to address

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Reason why

But has failed miserably because the Law states that the bonnet must be wider than the structure of the vehicles so that if you are in a heavy frontal collision the bonnet will hit the structure of the car and slide up the metal this avoiding intrusion into the passenger compartment. The way that the car makers got around this was to glue the front glass into the vehicle and call it a Structural Member which it now is and if you drive a modern car without the front and rear glass it flexes terribly and the glass once the glue has set provides rigidity to the structure but in no way prevents the bonnet from intruding into the passenger compartment. Even Mercedes from the 126 Chassis when to this dangerous idea and claimed that the rake on the front glass was steep enough to prevent the bonnet from intruding into the passenger compartment which in a lot of cases it does but unfortunately not all.

So actually with the built in "Crumple Zones" you are now more likely to have a bonnet come into the passenger compartment in a less severe collision than what you where previously but at least the engine will go under the passenger compartment in the same collision. :^O

Col ]:)

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