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Best Begginer Jobs in IT

By HeyUTechGuy ·
Hello everyone, recently i have graduated from college with an associates degree in what my school called NCIS (Network Communication & Information Systems).

I have been job searching for a position where i can be hands on such as a pc technician which im really familiar with or some type of networking job which i only know the basics of. All i really see available to me is help desk (not something i want to do for a career) & Im going to follow up with an app i put to geek squad. But most of the positions where i would like to be in require years of experience (of course). I just want to be physically active and as hands on as possible, i just need a chance to show employers what i can do you know.

Does anyone know of the type of companies/places i should look for an entry level job that is hands on where i could learn and build a resume? I've had no luck finding any. I live in Cincinnati OH if that helps any.

Thank you so much for advice.

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No thumb for you

by santeewelding In reply to "school didnt offer any t ...

Pointing out the obvious, like that.

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Not exactly

by HeyUTechGuy In reply to "school didnt offer any t ...

I dont understand why you assume these negative and lazy things when you dont know me or half of what my college experience was. They made promises throughout my time in school, some they did do and some they didnt, intern/externs unfortunately was one of the ones they promised and didnt. All the other majors had their internships setup so i figured they would have interns for their IT students.

All i can do is do the best i can for the present, no point in crying over spilled milk. So if you have nothing helpful to contribute, really dont bother, insults get no one anywhere.

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additionally to tonys post

by brian In reply to Thank you for your advice ...

No problem, what tony said is right but to add to the last line of it, if you don't mind getting dirty, climbing through cealings, and who knows what else, then you should be able to move up quickly because you then show the management that you are willing to do what it takes to get the job done, done correctly, done on time, and done safely.

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Watch out on safely though

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to additionally to tonys pos ...

If working safe makes it takes longer, they'd rather you didn't, as long of course as you don't hurt yourself, or a safety auditor turns up, or they are looking for an excuse....

Ask for the procedure make sure you follow it no matter what. If there is one and you don't they'll use it against you.

Broken bones and the sack!!!

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by jhouseholder In reply to Best Begginer Jobs in IT

HeyUTechGuy...still around? I would be curious in knowing what you are doing these days. I am a Technical Recruiting Manager and we have an office in Cincinnati.

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by jem94518 In reply to Best Begginer Jobs in IT

Remember Grasshopper...wax on...wax off...wax on...wax off...we've all been there!!!

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