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Best Hard Drive? Worst Hard Drive?

By maxwell edison ·
I've had two Maxtor 60 GB (Model 6Y060L0) hard drives fail within 4 week of each other. I was not able to recover any of the data. (Not a huge deal, as it was mostly employees' personal type stuff and/or files they didn't save to the servers.) I have quite a few more of these drives currently in use. Are these drives a time-bomb waiting to go off and destroy all the data they hold, I'm beginning to ask myself?

I'm inclined to replace them all before they fail. But will they fail if I don't? I have six out of the original eight still in use -- a 25 percent failure rate. They are all two years old, give or take.

What's the best drive out there right now? What's the worst?

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Maxtor HD reliability

by Nordic_Skater In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

Midway through a defrag, my MAXTOR "DiamondMax Plus 9, 200GB ATA /133 HDD", MF'G DATE 25DEC2003, put in service June of 2004 "crashed" on 20jan2006. It did not recover from the aborted defrag and nothing I could throw at the PC (HP m495c) restored it. The following may be useful for those interested in recovering data that simply can't be restored conventionally: The Maxtor was permanently replaced with a Seagate. The pc was about 95% backed up but to recover some "lost" data, the Maxtor was temporarily swapped with the HDD in my external USB drive in order to enable a sector search. The file system was totally corrupted by the aborted defrag. Ironically, it was being defragged as the first step of conversion to V-Com's AutoSave backup software. This shows even the "pros" can get burned. In the process of doing a sector by sector search for data, the disk editor software hung on certain areas. It was possible to work around those areas. Three unreadable areas were encountered in the middle of real data. My conclusion: Since drives are mapped at the factory for bad sectors, the defrag probably encountered these unmapped bad sectors and barfed. I have to also conclude this drive was a stinker from the get-go and this thread seems to suggest the Maxtors are not exactly reliable drives. It was my first HDD failure in over ten years. My usage is 95% daily, at least 16 hours per day, one on/off cycle per day.

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Mine Just crashed today

by edania In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

What a coincidence! My Maxtor 60gb just crahed today. I was looking for some utilities on the web, and decided to check my emails, and found this post. Not going for Maxtor anymore!

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Oh No!

by maxwell edison In reply to Mine Just crashed today

If you have more, make sure they're backed-up.

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WD is best non-SCSI

by marketingtutor. In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

Of both old and new hard drives in the non-SCSI class, I would put Western Digital at the top of my list. I would put Maxtor at the bottom of the list, just one step above IBM drives. In my experience, I have seen IBM drives beat Maxtor in numbers of failed disks by a 2:1 ratio.

Maxtor had a reputation for a long time, as have some other brands, of not being able to mix with other brands on the same cable. I have not found this to be the case with the WD disks I have used.

As far as a good disk to go with? Well, at the time of writing this reply, I would say that you couldn't go wrong with four 150GB WD Raptors on a 3ware 9550SX RAID card.

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by dcs In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

Well no luck here with Maxtor or Mitsubishi drives
but on a good note Seagate seems to be a winner even with fail over i have always been to recover user data,

Currently we are evaluating samsung drives and to date they are doing the thing, my portable users are running them, they seem to be good out at 12 months

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Maxtor failures...

by gem In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

I have a simular experience. We keep a list of dead drives going back 3+ years. 83% of that list is populated by Maxtor drives, including dead external "one-touch" drives. I have had two failures of those right out of the box.

Currently, Western Digital is our drive of choice. My vendor says his return rate on them is 6%-8%, but we experience less than a 2% failure rate.

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All bad or good

by wfs1946 In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

I think, like everything else, all drive manufacturers have had one or two series/size of drive have a bad reputation. Seagate barracuda is one example, I had two fail in a server and sent them out for data recovery and the company said that at that time, 80% of their business was that model drive.

I feel that they all make good drives, it just depends on that chance model being bad (does the word Edsel ring a bell?).

I think it all goes back to personal preference.

Good Luck!

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by douglashead In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

Hmmm I'm wondering how long its going to be before I get asked by dad to replace the Maxtor hard drive with the Seagate one I took from his computer a little while ago. It started off as a problem with the cd drives and any usb drives oh and the floppy had to put/plug them in before turning on the computer...otherwise you had to restart...sounds a bit like a driver problem or something, but I put in a new hdd installed windows and drag dropped files onto the new hdd pretty easy, then stuck the old hard drive into another computer as a spare drive as the Master drive has 4 operating systems on excuse: I'm a student and my sisters wanted win98 and xp for their games, and I needed win2003 and a trial xp for my studies.
In my recent computer that I just put together I got WD, as I new they had a great reputation and they usually performed the best in the Australian PC User magazines. 2 are in a RAID 0 and one is an independant...although they did initially start off as a RAID 5.

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by panzrwagn In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

Quick lesson here, most HDDs today are rated for at least 1M Hours MTBF. If you do the math that means that if you manufactured 1M of a particular model, on average you'd have one failing every hour and still be in spec. As an end user you could have all 6 fail in a day, and the manuacturer still wouln't have a problem. The greater the number of drives, the larger number will die at any time,

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Good Drive / Bad Drives

by wjacomb In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

I have problems with Seagates, Western Digitals (early models), Hitachi Deskstars.

Currently I am having a good run on Western Digitals.

Some useful hints and tips on avoiding problematical drives are:-
1. Develop a good relationship with your supplier - when considering buying a particular model - ask him what their current warranty rate is - a good relationship will get you truth.

2. Buy quality not on price - I always insist that the drives I buy are at the higher end of the spectrum i.e faster rpm and bigger cache.

3. Always enable smart in bios and inform your suers what to do if a smart error occurs.

4. We all preach it but often don't do it - blessed is the pessimist for they have made a backup!

Hope this helps



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