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Best Hard Drive? Worst Hard Drive?

By maxwell edison ·
I've had two Maxtor 60 GB (Model 6Y060L0) hard drives fail within 4 week of each other. I was not able to recover any of the data. (Not a huge deal, as it was mostly employees' personal type stuff and/or files they didn't save to the servers.) I have quite a few more of these drives currently in use. Are these drives a time-bomb waiting to go off and destroy all the data they hold, I'm beginning to ask myself?

I'm inclined to replace them all before they fail. But will they fail if I don't? I have six out of the original eight still in use -- a 25 percent failure rate. They are all two years old, give or take.

What's the best drive out there right now? What's the worst?

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Pick you poison

by Jellimonsta In reply to Interesting, WD

I am sure all of us have been burned by one brand or another, some time or another. :)

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Very True

by Paul Newell In reply to Pick you poison

I've been working as a tech for an in-house dept for 4 years now, and I have had HDDs from <i>each</i> main manufacturer fail on me.
I can say that most of them have been between 3-5 years old, but I'd say that because most of the Compaq Evo desktops we have had Western Digital drives in them, they've failed the most on me.
From a 'reliability' standpoint, however, I'd have to say that Maxtor have been the worst, what with having drives fail on me that were less than a year old, and Seagate have been the best - only have had one fail on me ever that I can think of.

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I guess it all depends

by w2ktechman In reply to Very True

on the model of the drive. I have had bad luck with travelstar line (notebooks) failing within 3 weeks, and more often around 6 months.
desktop drives, I have had WD in 3 systems, and each drive failed within 2 months. and 2 had to be replaced after only a week. After we went throgh 5 drives, we switched these systems to Maxtor and had no problems with the drives after that.
goes to show, that it may depend on location, average temps, etc.. Or it may just be certain models outright.

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Many variables

by pradipsagdeo In reply to I guess it all depends

I have used Seagate, Micropolis(remember?), Western Digital, and Maxtor drives. My original Maxter drive is at least six years old. None of my drives failed. They had to be replaced because they were to small, 1 to 3 GB. The smallest and the oldest drive I have now is 20GB. Most hard drives fail because of lack of care, in my experience. I have actually seen people move computers like pieces of furniture while still powered-up, dragging on floors, desktops, etc.

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I agree

by pmshah In reply to Many variables

I agree entirely. Unless one starts installing laptop drives in the desktops any movement while the pc is on runs a great risk of heads scraping the platter leading to disk failure.

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New Egg Deal - WD HD Registration

by pwest In reply to S/N

If I may offer a small poece of advice on this New Egg website deal.

If you register any new Western Digital harddrive on the WD website, the warranty through them is good for up to three years. I do this with all of my Western Digital harddrives.

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by tyche In reply to S/N

I have built many computer systems over the years, and have never had a Maxtor fail yet. I used one IBM drive (failed) and one Seagate (failed). I especially like Maxtor, not only because of it's reliability, but because of the utility and ease of use of their MAX BLAST drive setup and copy utility.

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Maxtor most problems as a brand

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

Over the last 20 years I have used just about every brand of IDE and SCSI drive that has been made, and purchased thousands for home and various clients. I have had the highest failure rates with Maxtor drives - about 25% of those purchased and usually within 15 months of the warranty expiring - warranty being only 12 months.

I have had 1 Fujitsu and 1 IBM drive go within warranty and replaced. All the other drives that have failed have been over 10 years old and allowable time to die of old age. Yes I do keep a lot of relics going.

I have not yet had a failure with a drive over 40 GB and most of my current drives are IBM and Seagate.

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Thanks, Deadly

by maxwell edison In reply to Maxtor most problems as a ...

I appreciate the comments.

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Maxtor 60 GB

by mjd420nova In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

I've not experienced any maxtor drive failures
and I have about 60 of various sizes. Two units
have 60 GB and have been running non-stop
for over 5 years. I anticipate a failure in the
first years but feel that what I'm getting now
is hard to believe for this installation.
WD, and a few samsungs have been our biggest
problems, with less than half installed failed
within two years. We have our own clean room
so data recovery was no problem, but now even
our test bench drive (WD) failed with head servo
lockup. The samsung had drive control logic failures and one buffer failure.

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