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Best Hard Drive? Worst Hard Drive?

By maxwell edison ·
I've had two Maxtor 60 GB (Model 6Y060L0) hard drives fail within 4 week of each other. I was not able to recover any of the data. (Not a huge deal, as it was mostly employees' personal type stuff and/or files they didn't save to the servers.) I have quite a few more of these drives currently in use. Are these drives a time-bomb waiting to go off and destroy all the data they hold, I'm beginning to ask myself?

I'm inclined to replace them all before they fail. But will they fail if I don't? I have six out of the original eight still in use -- a 25 percent failure rate. They are all two years old, give or take.

What's the best drive out there right now? What's the worst?

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I'm just wondering. . . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Maxtor 60 GB

.....if I got a bad batch. 25 percent failure rate is pretty high. But it is, after all, only 8 drives.

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Maxtor now Seagate...

by granitech In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

I recently had to replace a Maxtor 40GB at one of my client sites. Maxtor has been reliable until recent manufacturing problems (within last year) cropped up. Might explain their buy out by Seagate. With both major manufacturing in Taiwan, I suspect a combining of facilities. Seagates new facilities in US and China have been upgraded and seem to be producing solid performers in the SCSI and SATA brands. I've used their ATA and ATA3 drives with no problems.

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It appears that there may be a manufacturing problem

by maxwell edison In reply to Maxtor now Seagate...

Thanks for the comments.

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I've had problems with Maxtor also but to their credit...

by UncleRob In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

...I've been able to ship defective drives to them (even some that were already past their warranty period by 6+ months already) and they've replaced my drives free of charge (aside from the cost of shipping the defective drive to them).

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Thanks UncleRob

by maxwell edison In reply to I've had problems with Ma ...

I'm going to call Maxtor to see if I can, at least, get a couple of remanufactured drives for free. But I might wait a couple of months in case another one fails.

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i Swear by..

by Dean In reply to Thanks UncleRob

I myself swear by Samsung spinpoint drives. I use them personally and currently run 2x 120GB spin points and 1 80GB spinpoint. Never had a problem with any spinpoint for years.

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Maxtor seems to be pretty good with returns..

by RayJeff In reply to I've had problems with Ma ...

I'm glad I checked this topic out. I read the article and in 2003-2004, I had a Maxtor 80 GB drive and a 60 GB drive that were problematic at times. I would have to reformat the drives at times. I would say they lasted about a year each before I had to dump them.

I didn't have to send them back to Maxtor because I got them from Staples and had the insurance on them. But either way the drives would be sent back to Maxtor, I guess. But the customer service has been at least good whenever I use it and I pretty much can deal with the problematic nature of the drives. Now, if I was choosng drives for a job, then it would be different.

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Deskstar, aka Deathstar

by gralfus In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

I purchased 4 IBM Deskstar drives and in less than one year they died within weeks of each other. I learned to recognize the "bleep bleep bleep" they make before keeling over. They had been recommended as being the fastest drives at the time, but I have avoided the Deskstar name ever since. It looks like Hitachi has it now.

The warranty required that the drives be shipped back in their original containers or equivalent, and that styrofoam or bubble wrap was not acceptable. This said to me they had no intention of honoring their warranty, because not many people keep the original packing materials.

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I had a Deskstar die, too

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Deskstar, aka Deathstar

I believe a class action lawsuit was filed against IBM over the Deskstar drives due to their high failure rate.

To make my situation worse, IBM refused to ship me a replacement drive out until they got my defective one. Because I needed to use the PC immediately, I was forced to go out and buy a new drive anyway.

I ended up selling the IBM replacement on eBay as soon as I got it back (didn't even open the box). Then a few days later, I got flamed by the eBay buyer because the replaced drive died on him as well. I'm assuming he had to go into the IBM warranty vortex to get that resolved.

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Thanks Smorty

by maxwell edison In reply to I had a Deskstar die, too

The same reply applies:

You gotta' love ebay. I hope he didn't give your seller rating a negative. (I sell part-time on ebay -- all kinds of antique and vintage "collectible" stuff.)

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