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Best Hard Drive? Worst Hard Drive?

By maxwell edison ·
I've had two Maxtor 60 GB (Model 6Y060L0) hard drives fail within 4 week of each other. I was not able to recover any of the data. (Not a huge deal, as it was mostly employees' personal type stuff and/or files they didn't save to the servers.) I have quite a few more of these drives currently in use. Are these drives a time-bomb waiting to go off and destroy all the data they hold, I'm beginning to ask myself?

I'm inclined to replace them all before they fail. But will they fail if I don't? I have six out of the original eight still in use -- a 25 percent failure rate. They are all two years old, give or take.

What's the best drive out there right now? What's the worst?

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Got a negative and nasty comment

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Thanks Smorty

It got pretty ugly. Neither of us could prove/disprove who broke the drive. He claimed it was DOA and I said that it was still sealed from IBM (which it was). I stated the condition of the drive (sealed after being sent in for repairs) and listed it "as is" (but offered it dirt cheap). He conceded that he knew what as-is meant; however, he didn't want to deal with a dead drive.

After some of the nasty e-mails he sent me, I became less-inclined to be a nice about it and referred him to IBM for another warranty claim.

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My one ebay "negative" story

by maxwell edison In reply to Got a negative and nasty ...

I had an instance once, not too long ago, where I sold an item, I did everything right, but the buyer was being a real PITA, even to the point, in my opinion, of trying to keep the item AND get a refund. She was really just trying to cheat me. Needless to say, I wouldn't give-in, and the "you-know-what" hit the preverbal fan. Anyway, she gave me my very first negative (out of more than 800 sales and ~800 & 100% positive rating), and I gave her about her 7th or 8th negative out of only a few hundred transactions. I was really fuming since I wanted to keep my 100% rating intact.

I let about a week go by, and I then sent her an email suggesting that I would open a SquareTrade arbitration action, and that if she would mutually agree to remove the negative feedback we both left for each other, that I would abide by whatever decision SquareTrade would make. At the same time, I submitted a "mutually withdraw feedback" action with ebay. She quickly agreed to the suggestion, and she completed the feedback withdraw. Once that happened, and the negative rating she left for me was removed, there was no way for her to reverse it back. The negative that she left for me was removed for good.

I sent her a final email telling her that in order for SquareTrade to mediate this dispute, that someone would have to pay the fee that they'll charge to handle it, and it was not going to be me. Wow, you should have seen her reply email. I never saw such words come from a, so-called, "lady". She tried to cheat me, and I got the last laugh. Yea, I tricked her into it, and I'm still laughing about it.

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I've had DestStars fail en masse

by maxwell edison In reply to Deskstar, aka Deathstar

I used to buy the IBM Deskstar, and I had about a half-dozen 15 GB drives around here. The first one lasted about three years; the remaining drives lasted about three years plus a week, or two, or three. Once I lost the third one, I took them all out.

That's one reason I'm leary about these two 60 GB Maxtor drives failing, one right after the other.

By the way, I still have some Deskstar 40 GB drives. They seem keep going and going.

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DeskStars = bad

by DMambo In reply to Deskstar, aka Deathstar

I'll sign the petition to outlaw IBM DeskStars. We bought 13 Dell Dimensions in late 1999, and while they're still in service, I've had to replace the drives in 5 of them. The first after just 2 years. This is the worst performance that I've personally seen.

I've never had a problem with WD.

Who here has heard this comment from users?
"It started to make really weird noises about a week ago, and today I get this blue screen with some kind of message on it."

I usually thank them for not disturbing me last week, but tell them that if they had, they'd still have their data.

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by Jim S. In reply to Deskstar, aka Deathstar

A few years back I order 6 Apple G4's, for our art dept., All of them came with 60gb Deathstar drives, and before the end of a year passing, I had to replace the drives atleast one time in each, and twice in a couple of them, after that, I ordered Seagates to replace them and they are still running today, and it has been going on 5 years, which reminds me I better start thinking about getting more.

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Hitachi 'Deathstar'

by odracyr In reply to Deskstar, aka Deathstar

That's so true. I worked for a company that had nothing but grief when they purchased those Hitachi drives in bulk. We've regretted it. We even found a few which were dead-on-arrival!! - just open the package, install it, and nothing! That's a strong hint of poor quality control.

What??? They want the drives shipped back in their original containers? That's a stupid condition in order to return their DEAD DRIVES! An obvious ploy to put barriers so they don't have to honor the warranty. I guess that explains why my company didn't return the drives - Hitachi put up many nonsense barriers so you couldn't.

I guess that also explains why Hitachi drives are so cheap nowadays. They aim at the unsuspecting bargin hunter since those in-the-know avoids them.

I doubt they will be in the hard drive business for much longer. Even if you are a retail outlet, why face angry and soon-to-be ex-customers because the drive you sold them is junk? I'd get smart and not offer them for sale no matter how cheap I get them for resale.

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Depends on mfg batch

by goal120 In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

In 1999, we purchased over 50 desktops with 6.8GB Quantum Fireball drives, and by the end of 2000 nearly half had failed. None of the 30 desktops with the 8.4GB size drives failed, so it was just a bad batch of the smaller drives. Got them replaced under 3-yr warranty via pc mfr as they failed.

I agree with one of the other posters that the IBM Deskstars seem to have a high failure rate, but I don't have any stats on them.

For laptop drives, do NOT get the Toshiba HDD2190 drives (MK4025GAS). There is a known problem if they run for over 300hrs straight (that is less than 2 weeks).

Hard drive manufacturer warranties are often longer than the pc mfr warranty, so if the pc warranty is up, look up the hdd model number online for warranty length info.

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That's a good idea

by maxwell edison In reply to Depends on mfg batch

Although I'm certain that I'm past the one year warranty, by only mere months, perhaps Maxtor has extended it for a known bad batch. It's worth a try, anyway. Thanks.

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Not always true...

by jakesty In reply to Depends on mfg batch

If you buy a Dell and after the warranty the drive goes bad, you can't go to the drive manufacturer for replacement. OEM drives are supported only for as long as the PC manufacturer warranty lasts. I tried it.
Not every PC maker uses OEM, but it's safe to say the top 10+ makers would as it is less expensive to buy drives by the case.

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by sMoRTy71 In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

I've used IBM, Hitachi, Maxtor and Western Digital; however, the brand I find myself buying over and over is Seagate.

I have 2 of their 300 GB drives in my Windows MCE 2005 machine and they work great. Fast and super quiet. Plus, they have a 5 year warranty.

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