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Best Remote Administration Tool?

By c.lee ·
I'm the IT guy at my current company and I'm just wondering what is the best for remote administration. What I would like to do is connect to any PC in the same network range and be able to control the mouse and keyboard from my location to troubleshoot any possible OS problems. All of the end users here are using either Windows XP Home or Windows XP Pro.

I've heard of RAdmin, RemotelyAnywhere, TightVNC, etc, but I wanted to hear the opinions of those who have actually had experience using them.

Perhaps why you would choose one over the other? Please let me know, as we're about to make a large purchase :) Thanks.


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Dameware 2thumbs Up

by wmwphl In reply to Dameware

Id tried this already & i would give it a 2thumbs up rating, this does not only give you remote control but you also have some other bunch of utilities. this one is a must have. It's like an IT swiss nife.

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Depends on how you're going to use it....

by clayton_cleverly In reply to Dameware

If your main intention is to provide support to users who are at their desks and on their systems, the built-in Offer Remote Assistance is actually pretty slick, FREE for one thing, built into all XP systems, and it gives users a warm-and-fuzzy because they have control over your control at all times....

However, if you need to grab control of a system, XP, 2000, NT logged in, logged out, whatever, I must say you should take a look at Dameware. VNC is great if you can get to the box and install it first, but Dameware will let you push the files to ANY system you have admin privileges on, local, remote, over part is noone need be on it, you push the files, insets up and installs itself as a service, starts the service, and you're in! As a preventative measure, I usually set it to stop the service and uninstall it when I disconnect to remove the vulnerability of a running remote access service, but that can be made automatic, VERY slick...additionally, the full set of DameWare NT Utilities have an extraordinarily robust set of features that let you do all kinds of stuff you've always wanted to, plus you can download a mostly functional version for free and try it out for 30 days or so...

OK, now that I'm done with the commercial for DameWare, how about a nod and a discount fellas?

PS - One ain't cheap...

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DameWare Mini Remote Control

by JMIRTC In reply to Dameware

Works for me.. I work at Head Office and have to connect to users in another office.

One thing about this app i like is the option to lock out the users K/board and Mouse.

I also use XP's Remote Desktop Connection to take control when installing apps or trouble shooting

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Very Slow

by mazariegosm In reply to Dameware

Unless you have a Gig backbone, DameWare is very slow when compared to Microsofts remote desktop. and if you have slow or moderate link you can just forget it.

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by sakuhara In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

I use it everyday. it is its own executable. Free. No client side install.

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by angry_white_male In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

Are they on the same physical network?? Are you running Active Directory? If so - get everyone up to XP Pro and use MS's Remote Desktop... Google around for directions, easy to set up.

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Remote Control

by c.lee In reply to

Ah yes, I thought about that, but I ran into two things. We don't use Active Directory (thank God). Secondly, Only XP Pro is able to handle remote log in - we have users on Home; the other part is when a remote login connection is established, it will kick off the current user (if it's the same account). That's why I want to stick with something that can be run in the background. Thanks for all the great replies! I'm going to check out Dameware :)

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NT Systems

by Vetch_101 In reply to Remote Control


Any NT-based systemrunning IIS can support Remote Desktop.

You can set it up via a web page - there's a Knowldege Base article about it, though I've never got around to trying it out.
I would assume it logs off the current user, but it's still worth a try.
If you want to interact with the user so they can see what's happening try Netmeeting.

I do pretty much all my work remotely, and I've rarely found anything that could be done remotely that I couldn't do using either Netmeeting or Remote Desktop...

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Right tool for the job always

by liqour43 In reply to Remote Control

I have work with NetMeeting, PcAnywhere, NetOp, Remedy, CA Unicenter, Remotely Possible, Remote Desktop, and DameWare NT Utilities. Each had their advantages and disadvantage but eventually you always had to have a backup way to remote into a system. Distance to your end user should be one of the main concerns.

DameWare is an excellent tool but require a fair amount of Bandwidth to operate. PC Anywhere or NetOP are excellent for long hauls (i.e.: London, Tokyo, Taipei, etc...). I recommend you use a combination of tools to manage your networks. A DameWare/NetOp marriage works great and you can back these resources up with free tools already built in to XP systems (NetMeeting/Remote Desktop). You can use DameWare to connect install NetOp, then take advantage of the faster data transfers to maximize efficiency.

Doing so, allows you to work from a variety of angles to resolve the client?s issue in the most effective manner.

Good luck!

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I use NetOp

by teksmith In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

NetOp allows secure remote access and can be used from anywhere internal or external to the network. I have also used NetOp for remote access to Dameware on the internal network. I have used TightVNC and was not excited about its capabilities, but the price is right! FREE

I prefer NetOp and use it!!!!

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