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Best Remote Administration Tool?

By c.lee ·
I'm the IT guy at my current company and I'm just wondering what is the best for remote administration. What I would like to do is connect to any PC in the same network range and be able to control the mouse and keyboard from my location to troubleshoot any possible OS problems. All of the end users here are using either Windows XP Home or Windows XP Pro.

I've heard of RAdmin, RemotelyAnywhere, TightVNC, etc, but I wanted to hear the opinions of those who have actually had experience using them.

Perhaps why you would choose one over the other? Please let me know, as we're about to make a large purchase :) Thanks.


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Remote Admin Tool

by gillanm In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

I looked into this for my company a couple of years ago and tried various tools, including RemotelyAnywhere, NetOp, NetSupportManager, SMS 2003 and RealVNC.

I found the best one to be a coin toss between NSM and NetOp, but in the end we settled for SMS to get the additional tools (patch managment etc), but the remote admin tools aren't nearly as good as NSM & NetOp.

You should consider how the tool performs over differing bandwidth, what extras you might want e.g. file transfer and what features e.g. ability to blank the user screen so they can't see what you're doing. Of course, cost comes into it, but free or low cost is useless if the tool doesn't work effectively.

I suggest you try the options out, using specific test options (different clients, sites, bandwidth) and compare the results.


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by ironfist03 In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

i favor radmin,, you can manually set the password or you can use nt security which is a real plus as you won't have to place the same password on every box or maintain many if a different one for each box which is preferred for obvious reasons.. the biggest issues are that any anti-spyware will identify it as a trojan and recommend removal,, once you set the scans to ignore the radmin i find it works very well,, next is the lack of a chat box.. however, you can login and auto shutdown, view only, or full control of mouse/kyb.. radmin works very well over the lan or wan.. although a tad slow if you are on a dialup connection it still responds much faster than pcanywhere or even

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DameWare NT Utilities Hands Down

by crmihelich In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

Have been using it for year. Licensing is cheap, based per administrators console so if you're the only admin with 5,000 workstations one license is all you need. Great behind the seens actions. Active directory integrated. Hands down the best.

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Best Remote Admin Tool

by IT Pro. In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

I have used VNC for years and had great success with it. Working with a school district there are about 600 pc's to manage and im not into sneakernet. VNC has the ability to remote using either pc name or ip address and is very easy to use.

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Open Source

by chad.lasante In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

I use xVNC. It can be found on Sourceforge. It works for lan/wan, automatically shows a complete list of all machines on network, and works without any client-side interaction. Best of all, it's free.

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XP's Remote Assistance

by MountyTech In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

XP home and Pro come with Remote Assistance free under ?Help and Support? on the Start menu. As long as you only want to provide support to users remotely it works really well. If you have other OS?s (excluding Server 2003) in your environment it will not work. The user must send you an invite to gain control. You will not be able to take control at will.

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XP's Remote Assistance

by MarkWAliasQ In reply to XP's Remote Assistance

It's fine as long as you dont mind reconfiguring your firewall. I used this at home with zonealarm and it was not happy and it didnt ask the usual allow/deny question. This may need to happen at both ends, I dont remember.

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Havent tried the rest but . . . . .

by avall2 In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

Havent tried the rest but Terminal Services works fine for me.
Can remotely logon to servers or clients. Best of all its free with windows server 2K.
Locks client out while u do your stuff.

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Remote Desktop or TSC is okay for fixes, but...

by srk-once In reply to Havent tried the rest bu ...

It you have to do any training of the user or follow the users' activity on the PC which generated the problem this is worthless because you cannot "share" a common desktop connection.

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by robertkross In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

True its not a Microsoft product. But as someone whom has worked with SMS VNC Remote Desktop. Pc Anywhere. DAMEWARE is the BEST for five years I have used the product and its just works great. I know that I am at the consol and I do everythign that needs to be done. I even like the export feature which allows to get user and computer lists. If I could knock it which would be diffcult I would say it does not have anything for network diagramming.

Spend the money tell the boss its worth it.

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