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Best Remote Administration Tool?

By c.lee ·
I'm the IT guy at my current company and I'm just wondering what is the best for remote administration. What I would like to do is connect to any PC in the same network range and be able to control the mouse and keyboard from my location to troubleshoot any possible OS problems. All of the end users here are using either Windows XP Home or Windows XP Pro.

I've heard of RAdmin, RemotelyAnywhere, TightVNC, etc, but I wanted to hear the opinions of those who have actually had experience using them.

Perhaps why you would choose one over the other? Please let me know, as we're about to make a large purchase :) Thanks.


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I agree! Dameware rules all!

by wind rider In reply to DAMEWARE KING OF THE HILL

We have been using dameware for the last two years, and its the best. Originally we got it because we had a mix of 2000 and XP machines, and neeeds a remote tool to work on all of them. Dameware fits the bil, its fast easy to use, the support side is great and best of all it's good value for money (and it works great with active directory). We wouldn't use anything else.

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UltraVNC -Good, RAdmin-OK,Remedy-Bad

by srk-once In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

I have had the good fortune to use the three remote-controllers mentioned above. By far and away the best results have been with using UltraVNC (version 1.01). It has many settings that can be used to optimize for your network or connection mode. You can create your own password or use MS Authentication. AND IT'S FREE! RAdmin works pretty well and has hooks into a couple of HelpDesk utilities (Remedy and Trackit) and you have to pay for it. Remedy...pass on it...pricey and klugey.

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Best Remote Administration Tool?

by KEB In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

we use a program called Proxy, by Funk Software.
it does very well. remote file transfer and remote printing as well.

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Best Remote Administration Tool?

by gilart In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

Try Timbuktu Pro, it should do everything you want. I use it to have complete remote control over any box it is installed on. You just have to make a user profile on the machine you want to control, and or make your self an NT user in the Timbuktu security setup. Then you are the boss.

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GoToMyPC and Logmein

by edwane In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

We use both gotomypc and logmein.
Use the free trial of Gotomypc to check it out or try the free version of logmein (remote control only)
The Logmein Pro version offers a free trial also with the additional file management features)

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IT Reach

by sellis In reply to GoToMyPC and Logmein

Rather than LogMeIn Free or Pro, I'd recommend LogMeIn IT Reach for system management as it combines the hosted gateway for easy setup and remote access with the following: monitoring and alerts for preventative maintenance, Ability to access systems without disrupting the end user, Dashboard view for complete system overview, Diagnostic tools for faster problem resolution, Ability to access systems that are unattended, and the ability to provide end users with separate remote access accounts from the same software used for remote administration.

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try AccessDesk

by jbrock In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

you might want to try AccessDesk from networkstreaming.

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Re: Best remote admin tool

by joel In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

We have been using this product called IntelliAdmin for a while now (<A HREF=""></A>

The cool part about it is that it allows us to control a pc on our lan without ever having to install software on it (It does it automatically somehow). It is perfect for 2000 workstations that do not have Remote desktop.

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by Edward35 In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

I have used Tight VNC, Unicentre remote control, and Remotely anywhere and Dameware NT Utilities and I would have to say that Dameware is by far the best out of these 4 I found it to have the best functionality and ease of use

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Bozteck VNCScan

by sbostedor In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

I thought I'd throw in my favorite -

It does just about everything that we need. It has remote scripting, VNC management, RDP management, Wake-On-LAN, a MAC-to-IP translater, and tons of other stuff.

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