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Best Remote Administration Tool?

By c.lee ·
I'm the IT guy at my current company and I'm just wondering what is the best for remote administration. What I would like to do is connect to any PC in the same network range and be able to control the mouse and keyboard from my location to troubleshoot any possible OS problems. All of the end users here are using either Windows XP Home or Windows XP Pro.

I've heard of RAdmin, RemotelyAnywhere, TightVNC, etc, but I wanted to hear the opinions of those who have actually had experience using them.

Perhaps why you would choose one over the other? Please let me know, as we're about to make a large purchase :) Thanks.


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Bozteck VENM with remote screen captures

by sbostedor In reply to Bozteck VNCScan

VNCScan ( has remote screen capture with thumb nailing and remote scripting features, also. Just a FYI

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IT Reach = fantastic

by techman5000 In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

Just chiming in to say that I too heartily reccomend LogMeIn IT Reach. The amount of features (highly customizable alert features, diagnostic tools, and 128 to 256 bit ssl to name a few), ease of use with the great interface, plus the comparatively low price mean that I really wouldn't want to use anything else. IT Reach rocks!

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Agreed 100%

by atthehelpdesk In reply to IT Reach = fantastic

I definitely agree with techman. IT reach is used at my company, and we love it. I can't speak to the financial value of it since that's not my department but for useability and fuctions, it can't be beat.

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Dameware is great for technical minds

by joshua.obrien In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

I agree that Dameware is a great product. I would recommend this to the technical folks ‎out there. There are known security issues like the ability to take control of a machine ‎pending you have permissions without users consent. Some could argue that this product ‎is expensive but I would disagree. The utilities version includes all functionality that an ‎administrator could use and the costs are around $289.00 dollars and you do not need a ‎client agent license to connect to other machines. PC Anywhere requires a license for ‎each machine to use probably $60.00 a license. If you have more than 5 machines on the ‎network then Dameware would be a better buy. If you were going to end users the ability ‎to remote there machines from home I would consider using Remote Desktop that comes ‎with XP I would shy away from any product.‎ Just make sure you understand all security aspects from your remote control products. Make sure your network is behind a firewall.

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instant connection

by SypherSoul(sp) In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

VNC is the most simple. I have used logmeln but after a 15 day trial u have to buy the subscription; vnc is free and u need the server applet along along with the client in order to put the server app on the one your connecting to and the client, etc.

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TRY THIS... TRIED all but for TCP/IP this are the fastest

by s_svillamor In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

RADMIN 3 Final - for remote assistance
FREENX - Remote Desktop

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Automated VNC Service:

by njolin In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...
Uses VNC, but automates the process. The user does not have to install or change anything on the firewall. Also has a viewer with settings built in, so no configuration necessary.
<a href="" > - Remote Helper </a>

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Market Leading - visionapp remote desktop 2009

by ukinfo In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

Have you tried using visionapp remote desktop 2009?

This is probably the best remote desktop tool on the market and over 120,000 admins use it currently.

It is very powerful and designed specifically for environments where you have multiple servers to manage, plus it is FREE to try!

If you manage multiple remote connections, visionapp Remote Desktop 2009 (vRD 2009) is a powerful tool that saves you time and effort.

Supporting multiple connection protocols, vRD 2009 allows you to administer Windows, Citrix, Linux/UNIX, and Macintosh systems. vRD 2009 is an indispensable tool for daily system administration that greatly simplifies routine tasks and daily work.

vRD 2009 features unparalleled ease of use, accelerated remote desktop access to servers and workstations, detailed logging features, and a new interface that allows administrators to view all connected machines simultaneously.

Considerably simplifying the administration of their systems, more than 120,000 administrators worldwide consider vRD an indispensable tool for recurring administrative tasks.

vRD 2009 supports the protocols: RDP, ICA, VNC, SSH, Telnet, HTTP and HTTPS. This functionality enables you to administrate remote computers in Windows, Citrix, Linux/Unix and Macintosh environments.
Benefits of vRD 2009

Use a single, centralized console for the administration of remote servers and desktops
Multi-protocol support: RDP, ICA, VNC, SSH, Telnet, HTTP and HTTPS

- Have multiple administrators work simultaneously with the same objects without conflicts
- Strengthen compliance through the logging of errors, changes and access attempts
- Simultaneously view all connected machines
- Support of Windows, Citrix, Linux/Unix and Macintosh environments
- Extended security features: Network Level Authentication, Microsoft Terminal Services Gateway
- Administer permissions in database mode

More information, pricing and buy online

Watch the video

Sales enquiries :

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