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Best User email so far this month!

By Shellbot ·

Is it possible to acquire a version of word which has the Helvetica Typeface option. I notice that there's a default setting of it in the ****** folder. I ask, because I think it's a superior typeface in many ways, because it has a neutral typeface, which has no intrinsic meaning in its form, which means people's minds are not distracted unlike Arial or Times New Roman, by the character form reproduced on the screen, hence there's little loss of meaning in what's communicated through it.

So can you find out (when you get time) about this.

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by Bizzo In reply to Best User email so far th ...

But won't they need to buy a new keyboard to use this font? As standard keyboards can only use standard fonts like Arial and Times.

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by Shellbot In reply to Nice!

*picks herself up off floor*

I'm tempted to go with that...

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Messy floor

by rob mekel In reply to roflmfao

Mmm, don't know about your keyboard but mine is in arial lay-out ... or ... or ... or ...
Oh men, the lay-out-display of my keyboard changes when I change the typeface ... oh my god (no insult intented) ... changing from one program to an other ... my keyboard goes nuts ... aaahhrrggggg ... you all did know that allready :) it's not my keyboard it's me

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If I was truly evil....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Best User email so far th ...

... this is what I would do:

Remove all the fonts (except system fonts) and install Helvetica only. Tell the user when you're done that they now have the 'Official MS Word Helvetica Edition.'

Then when the user misses the other fonts tell him/her that they can't have it both ways - they need to make a choice. Then we'll see just how IMPORTANT it is to have that font.

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by jdclyde In reply to If I was truly evil....

yeah, go with that.... ;\

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Muwa-ha-ha ]:)

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to "if".....

you know me all too well, JD.

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by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to "if".....

How's the job search goin'?

... been thinkin' 'bout ya.

The offer for resume help still stands.

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Off to a slow start

by jdclyde In reply to BTW....

but plan to change that.

will be checking some sources out over the next few daze and see how things go.

And am back in school, two nights a week getting back into the cisco. Heck, even reactivated my cisco alumi status. B-)

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btw JD

by Tink! In reply to Off to a slow start

I was given this site from another forum:

It's supposed to be REAL job listings, many of them work-at-home. Totally free to register and apply to the jobs. And the jobs are NOT supposed to require any upfront money like those other scams.

I've barely looked at it so I don't know if it has too many technical positions. (I'm looking more for writing), but I suppose it's at least worht a look in your case. :)

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Thanks Tink!

by jdclyde In reply to btw JD

I would look at it, but it is going on beerthirty and it is dart night, so got to hit the road running!

I did bookmark it, so as I am sitting around tomorrow morning, loving my coffee ever so much, that will be something to look at.

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