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Best versus worst Linux distro

By SWLChris ·
I have replied to a few discussions, so now I will create one myself.
I would like the opinions of those familiar with Linux to rate their experience with various distributions. It could be the best or the worst.
If the best how come? Was it ease of install? Maintenence of the os? Included programs?
If it was the worst what happened to make that decision ? I'm interested in whatever might be said.
By the way , running a quad-os system here, so would be neat to see which distros you have tried that I haven't. I'm always up for checking out something new.

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Ah, typing...

by Cactus Pete In reply to server setup 101 for the ...

Many people like GUIs as they can't type fast, or remember the syntax, or whatever...

But these admisn should just know the command for starting the GUI, then exit it when they're done.

What's the issue here?

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Why have the overhead of a GUI

by jmgarvin In reply to Question

If you really want to use the GUI, use run level 3 and kill X after you are finished...but really, what is the point of having a resource hog on a server that should SERVE.

As for the pot shot at Linux, you do know that *nix takes up about 50% of the market, has 25-50 million users, and is growing.

I'd also like to mention that the command line can be FAR more efficient than a GUI. Just look at the mess that Exchange is.

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To GUI or not to GUI

by ThomGordon In reply to Question

Is that the question?

The answer is obvious. Or rather the answers...

To a true geek, stripping off all the unnecessary fluff should help improve performance and, after all, isn't that what you want for a server?

Oh, but wait...

In the real world, many people cannot effectively cope with complexity and adding the fluff (such as GUI, Monitoring and, gasp, Security) will help make the server easier to work with and a bit more reliable.

So, what to do...

Simple. Become a hermit and build a server that only you can love. Just don't expect anyone who runs a business to pay you big bucks to run theirs. Unless you can find some rich geeks who think just like you (and have better things to do) or perhaps mere mortals whom you can charm with your wisdom.


Don't kick one-another pretending that only one path leads to enlightenment (or is that enrichment!).

So, play nice children.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to depends

Lets see, I want to initiate a backup of my server. what's that command again.....

two days later...

I found it, "man backup", no that just tells me the correct syntax of the command, dam it where is an example so that it works......

another two days later....

OK found and example that worked, thanks to linuxguy57, And the back up has worked, lets check the backup files, whats that command again.
I found it. "man backupstatus", doh! again the instruction manual, just a thought but why the f;uck isn't there a gui. anyway.. .

two days later....

OK, got some info of this guy on how to check my back up worked, but he also mentioned, I was insane and I would be better suited to run a gui interface because I can't seem to remember all the commands.

OK now a user is complain they can't log-in, I'll just check the account status. F;UCK I can't remember the command! lets see I'll type "man" then "enter". OK I think I found the right command but like all help files the thing doesn't tell me how to bloody use it. back to the internet.

Two days later...


Who said GUI was a waste of time and resource?

Using your brain to store all the syntax of every command line command and the ability to write in command line is a big waste of resource, maybe not the OS but definitely the person.

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by apotheon In reply to No GUI

Obviously, you don't have the skills to be an expert in system administration.

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More Skills

by rkuhn In reply to skills

Other than taking a cheap shot at him, why don't you bother to just explain that you prefer one way and we prefer another.

When it comes to Linux and the choices of numerous distros, choice is good.

But when it comes to using GUI's or not, choice is bad?

Get over yourself.

I would put my system admin skills against yours any day of the week.

I'm paid to solve problems and pro-actively create solutions to future problems not memorize command line options, the details of kernels, etc.

IT to me isn't some hobby, it is a tool for a business to use to gain competitive advantage.

Whether that is using a GUI or not, paying for software or not, etc I choose the route that makes the most sense for the business to meet the objectives...both long term and short term.

Decisions are complex and answers aren't always simple. Perhaps all the time you spend being an IT expert could be used more productively learning about the business and therefore being able to apply your skills better.

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Multi-depth clicks

by jmgarvin In reply to No GUI

are FAR more inefficient than memorizing simple commands.

If I have to click through multiple menus to change a users password or worse yet, wait for Active Directory to load EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN' USER ON THE DOMAIN, just to change a password...something is not right.

backing up is as simple as scheduling a job and/or writing a simple script.

Checking the status of an account in linux is 6 letters....I can't imagine that that is harder than the kludgy GUI of Windows.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Multi-depth clicks

Windows isn't even a Linux distribution so i don't know why you bring that up. GUI exists in Linux. It doesn't have to be all command line, VMWare has a GUI interface. If VMware did not have a GUI interface, the nightmare users would suffer\do suffer.

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A click will always be more efficient every time.

by NZ_Justice In reply to Multi-depth clicks

How about a race. I'll post links to web pages with in the TR, with long names for the URLs. You can use the address bar to type in the address to each of these links. no copy paste now, unless you use the command line copy paste. or write a command to perform a copy paste, that is run in command line. and lets see which is the more efficient and easier way to navigate. Gui or Command\Click or type. Ready here are the links. Get typing, I'm already 6 clicks ahead of you. I wouldn't bother memorizing the URLs, it just is not worth it.

Beat ya

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Well Put

by rkuhn In reply to No GUI

Not only do I prefer to fill my brain with problem solving skills and creative thinking as opposed to memorizing command line options, I think one other thing should be mentioned...

While on-line searching for answers to problems, how many times does one give away too much information about their systems just to get an answer and how many times does one get crappy advice from some self-appointed expert?

I prefer to get my help, the kind of help that GUI's don't offer, from reputable sources such as our consultant or vendors directly.

I don't feel comfortable getting answers from random sources that may or may not know what they are talking about.

Just look at some of the advice given in the Q&A on this website. While mostly good, some responses are pure gibberish.

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