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Better in the long run?

By TimeHawk ·
I have a dilema about the coming work experience for my college program. I live in winnipeg and the IT job market is flooded right now.

My friend from college that droped out to tend to his family's business wants to get computerized. They own four seperate company's on a 2-3 acre lot. He wants me to come in and be the computer guy. This would allow me to be the Systems Analyst/DBA/Network Admin/Application Developer/Programmer and what not. I can easily see the experience I could getout of this job that I would never gain working in a single titled job at many of the other companies in the city. Of course the pay would not be as great.
He has many other things to do, but he is from the same program as me and will more than help me to get things going.

What should I do? Work for less but possibly gain a broad and extensive experience base or work for more and gain good experience with a certain area?



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Predicting the future

by Prefbid II In reply to Good Replies

If you don't go and the company does well, you will be haunted all your days by the opportunity that "might have been." If you do go and it turns out to be a flop, you will wonder if you "wasted" too much time on a wish. The truth is that you can not win in the game of predicting the future.

Don't worry about the company not having enough money. No company will ever admit to having enough money. You can always bail if the company starts shortchanging the deal (loyalty has to cut both wasotherwise it is not loyalty).

Good luck.

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I took it!

by TimeHawk In reply to Better in the long run?

I just wanted to metion a thanks to all your replies in this thread.

I have accepted the job as work experience to complete my college program and will see how it goes from there. Also, It will now be me and my friend from college doing this together so things will hopefully go a bit faster than was previously thought.

Should be fun :)



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Good luck...

by generalist In reply to I took it!

And thanks for the followup. I hope it works out well for all involved.

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