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Beware "The Arrogance within IT"

By richard.cheary ·
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<p> </p> <br>
Over the years I have seen talented, driven, proud software dev-squads self destruct
due to IT-Arrogance. When individuals position themselves as greater than the sum of the dev-squad, negative results such as demotivation, apprehension and non compliance creeps in putting the overall project delivery at risk. Recommended management of this risk is to cultivate a culture of "sharing and growth" within the team and set the following practice technique expectations on the dev-squad as a whole.<br>

<strong>Senior Member Responsibility</strong> <p></p>
Without getting all airy-fairy/touchy-feely, IT is
up to the senior members to demonstrate humility, coaching desire and effective
communication skills for a dev-squad to operate efficiently. <p></p>
<strong>Defined Contribution Areas</strong> <p></p>
Within a software dev-project there are set number of roles and responsibilities
to be fulfilled. By defining these "contribution areas" and allocating them
to team members, over and above the dev-project requirements, with <a href="" target="_blank" alt="Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based">SMART</a>
goals set to be achieved. This will ensure a dev-squad is geared and steered
in a direction that covers the bases and measures achievement.<p></p>
<strong> Distributed QA Accountability </strong><p></p>
Whether it be code, design, architecture or as critical a project plan/schedule
that is ready for distribution it is imperative to practice "Distributed
QA Accountability", which can be achieved with a mandatory request process
for a peer QA review. The process ensures a level of trust and respect is being
exercised within the dev-squad. A dev-squad that practices this process will
work well together, due to the high expectations and criticality of each others
work ensures thoroughness and pride.<p></p>
<strong>Delivery Proud</strong>
Most IT specialists are passionate about what they do. Passion on IT's own
does not ensure delivery success, as it is most often selfish passion. The specialist
who instills "pride" in their work will deliver quality consistently.

The acknowledgment of "Arrogance within IT" and the application of the above into a dev-squad will improve quality and secure client acceptance.
Of course every project varies, a well
structured team that has shared past project experiences, have respect for
each other will kick "The Arrogance outof IT" from within. </p>

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by Wizard-09 In reply to An MCSE you say

MCSEE / 2000 + NVQ's in I.T & GCSE'S , currently undertaking my CEH if they let me take the test when i aply in the next 6 weeks.

Woked IBM AS400 Mainframes, as i said i could go on all day, because i don't feel like spelling as if i am in school don't think i am thick and undermind me please

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The question you must ask yourself

by NickNielsen In reply to MCSE

...because i don't feel like spelling as if i am in school don't think i am thick and undermind me please

Do I want sloppy spelling in my public writing (e.g. on-line posts) to give the impression that I am sloppy on the job?

I chose to answer that question in the negative; you appear to have chosen differently.

edit: corrected spelling

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MCSE for 2000 is out of date

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to MCSE

You have no valid MCSE.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to MCSE for 2000 is out of d ...

I still passed the test, i don't see why i should get the MCSE +1, i am taking a different course at the min.

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Point was...

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to MCSE for 2000 is out of d ...

You say you have a MCSE but you do not - as it is no longer valid.

MCSE has a shelf life unless you update it.

That is all.

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