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by DelbertPGH In reply to Bill Clinton Lies

Novak's essay is based on a retired CIA guy's book and statements. Scheuer does not seem to be a political partisan.

One of the many weak spots in Clinton's leadership was his military instinct. He wasn't respected by the military, and wasn't comfortable using the military as a tool of policy. He seems also to have been very reluctant to be the cause of any deaths. When you run a country in our position in the world, you can't be cute about the hard power bit of leadership. His foreign policy was a partial failure.

Of course, GWB doesn't worry about using hard power, or killing foreigners, or about the cost in American lives to get those foreigners killed. He can feel sympathy for the widows, but it doesn't slow him down. And that might be to his credit, except that he hasn't gotten a single strategic objective right.

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or Robert NOvak lies, again?

by Oz_Media In reply to Bill Clinton Lies

Robert Novak? Credible?

"A gossip columnist for the Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post, a tabloid not typically thought of as defenders of the Clintons, noted under the headline "Hillary Basher Is Error Prone" that Klein's book contains suggestions that Clinton had "lesbian relationships" with two college friends -- even though, according to the Post, Klein "never spoke to either woman." Both women denounced Klein's book; one, "whose name is misspelled in Klein's book" told the Post, "No one deserves this kind of crap." Her lawyer added, "These allegations are totally false and unsubstantiated. ... Klein has apparently done no investigating. This is scurrilous, despicable and politically motivated."

Definitely a questionable book when it comes to facts and reality.

NOVAK: It looks to me like a well-attributed book; it doesn't look like gossip to me. ... I think the problem with Senator Clinton is, unlike her husband, she's not very likable.
Neither King nor Valenti challenged Novak about the book's content or his claim that Sen. Clinton is "not very likable." In fact, a recent Gallup poll found that 55 percent of Americans view Sen. Clinton favorably, and that a majority would consider voting for her; only 39 percent view her unfavorably -- making her considerably more popular than, for example, the president of the United States.

Nor did King note that Novak isn't exactly a credible reviewer of right-wing attack books.

Robert Novak, you didn't like Clinton's losing his cool? This guy just up and left in the middle of a debate.

Robert Novak?

As always finding sources to support your warped political views. Anyone can find sources to support their views, to bad you can't find facts to support them though. It's always just 'he said/she said'.

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which are you?

by maxwell edison In reply to or Robert NOvak lies, aga ...

a game player or an idiot?

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in this case

by Oz_Media In reply to which are you?

the audience, laughing at the comedian and his jokes.

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Oh, please!

by Absolutely In reply to Bill Clinton Rage

"...why didn't you do more to put Al Qaida & bin Laden out of business when you were President there's a, a new book out, you may, I'm, I suspect you've already read called The Looming Tower..."

Blah, blah, blah.

The schmuck claims that "most" of the emails received requested that he ask this question. Well, back when Clinton was President, any time he did something about Al Qaida & bin Laden, the same "news" channels criticized him for doing too much! Not only that, they accused him of firing missiles for the purpose of distracting from his impeachment hearings, which were over the most important b1owjob in all of history.

The Monica Lewinsky scandal was not a Conservative conspiracy as the fool Hillary guessed, it was a media conspiracy, to create scandal & distract from policy, which at that time was not sensational enough to keep you, the public, tuned in and watching their advertisers. Now, the GWB policy is ridiculous enough to keep many, many of us glued to our sets, buying newspapers, and visiting the Internet regularly to see what damage his clowns will do next.

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