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You are talking about Clinton, right?

by darinhamer In reply to It was just too much, I'm ...

Because your post perfectly describes him. I can't believe how people have forgotten how he sold our nuclear missle technology to the Chinese and rented out rooms in the White House. But clearly you do, so thanks for reminding us.

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I'm over Clinton

by DelbertPGH In reply to You are talking about Cli ...

Clinton never was my favorite boy, but I'll let him go. I'm certainly not over Bush. GWB will go down as the greatest leadership disaster since Buchanan stepped aside and opened the gateway to the civil war. Your kids, and maybe your grandkids, will be paying off the debts and getting drafted to fight back the mistakes of this deluded incompetent.

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by jfowler In reply to Why wouldn't he?

Carter shows "no class" and is "damaging America's reputation"??? How do you figure that? Jimmy Carter is generally considered to be the best Ex-President of the lot. While "W", OTOH, has done more damage to both America's image abroad and the Presidency than anyone who came before.
Sorry Max, but you obviously don't live here, and I'm afraid I couldn't disagree more.

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Disagree all you'd like

by maxwell edison In reply to Huh!?!

You may think some things are "obvious" (like I don't live here), but it doesn't make it so. You, however, have obviously bought into the best ex-president hype, all of which is, at best, a matter of opinion.

Jimmy Carter embarrassed the USA when he was president, and his middle-east policies were a dismal failure. His debacle in the desert is forever recorded as one Time Magazine cover that is vivid in my mind.

And he's doing it again -- trashing us (the U.S.) -- while campaigning for his son trying to get him into the Senate. Jimmy Carter is an embarrassment and a foolish, self-serving old man.

I've followed Jimmy Carter's career since the mid 1970s, read his books, heard his speeches, met him in person, and followed him in retirement. I've probably forgotten more about Jimmy Carter than you've ever known. Voting for him in 1976 was the worst vote I ever cast. (I didn't repeat the mistake in 1980.)

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Carter could have been worse

by DelbertPGH In reply to Huh!?!

But I'm afraid he was bad enough as President, thank you. He's certainly a lot better as an ex-President.

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Give Us Movie Stars!

by JohnnySacks In reply to Huh!?!

We can't handle a leader who actually tells us the truth about the difficult situations we are facing. Carter may have been naive but his principles were right up front for all to see.

Like Carter's replacement, cowboy movie star hero president rocket rockin Ron Reagan. "Yippee, we're all rich!" Of course Ron was great, he might have just as well had the mint print 800 million $20 dollar bills and just drop them from planes for us all. Too bad Arnold the terminator can't run, he'd be a shoe in.

King Ron the Addle-Brained took an 845 billion national debt that it took 204 years to accumulate and ran it up to over 2.4 trillion dollars in 8 short years. Good thing I'll be dead while my grandchildren struggle to pay it off, screw them anyways, we're partyin'. Time to pop a Halcyon or two, go shopping, charge up a trip with the kids to Disney on the credit card, and tell them the story about how Santa Clause or Jesus will save the greatest country the world has ever had the pleasure of supporting.

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fair and balanced

by shooter45 In reply to Why wouldn't he?

Are we living in a parallel universe here? President Clinton, in spite of the most disgusting, unconscionable attempt to destroy him by the gang of uber-vermin in power now, was able to steer our country to an unprecedented 8 years of economic, political, and international success. Under the current President we are witnessing the most heartbreaking, systematic destruction of the values and institutions that civilized people world wide have historically looked at with awe and wonderment. In two more years, when the destruction is complete, we won't be asking, "did this or that President criticize," we'll be asking "why didn't freedom loving people every rise up and stop this mad man."

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by maxwell edison In reply to fair and balanced
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Well said...

by JB Tucson In reply to Why wouldn't he?
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Why wouldn't he?

by mrcjd3 In reply to Why wouldn't he?

Another die heart republican, ranting and raving about all the past democrat presidents. It's so sad, (in my opinion) that this person like so many other republicans, will beleive any and everthing their party tells them, and if you don't agree with them or their party, you are a liberal, or a democrat. He/she will label me too for being an independent voter.Like I said, sad.

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