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Bill Clinton

By jardinier ·
If President Bush can say nice things about Bill Clinton, how come no one at this website can ever say anything good about the man?

November 19, 2004
US President George W Bush paid tribute to predecessor Bill Clinton today as "not the kind to give up a fight", putting aside partisan divisions at a ceremony to open the Democrat's presidential library.

"He was an innovator, a serious student of policy and a man of great compassion. In the White House, the whole nation witnessed his brilliance and mastery of detail, his persuasive power and his persistence," Bush said.

Under pouring rain, Bush noted that Clinton had fought to reform social policy, expand free trade, "was a tireless champion of peace in the Middle East" and acted to stop ethnic cleansing in the Balkans.

"The president is not the kind to give up a fight. His staffers were known to say 'if Clinton were the Titanic, the iceberg would sink,'" the president quipped.

Bush stopped here on his way first tohis Texas ranch and then to an Asia-Pacific summit in Santiago, Chile, before heading to Colombia and then back to Texas for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The kind words came roughly four years after Bush won the presidency, vowing to "restore honour and dignity" to the White House, a veiled reference to the sex-and-lies scandal that bedevilled the Democrat's last two years in office.
Clinton observed a similar truce in November 1997, when he spoke at the dedication of the official library of former president George Bush, the current president's father.

On that occasion, Clinton praised "the vigilance president Bush displayed in dealing with Iraq".

"And I believe the American people support that vigilance, thanks in no small measure to your example not so long ago. And I thank you for that, Mr President," Clinton said.


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Right and Wrong

Bill Clinton slammed the handling of the war in Iraq by his successor George W. Bush, saying the conflict alienated the United States from the world.
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The truly odd thing about that is that, while decent people would agree that good relations with our neighbors is a desirable thing - Many of Bush's followers honestly believe that it's a great evil to be on friendly terms with foreign-born, non-white, non-christian people.

For them, alienating our allies was a good and desirable thing.

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by jkaras In reply to Bill Clinton

My issue wth the whole library thing was the "Clinton Exhibit". Its a library for learning, not show casing a president in this light or that light, however it was characterised as a double wide trailer look. I have been to many libraries named after various presidents, and none of them had such a display of memorabilia. Was it a library or a planet hollywood? All it was a dog and pony show that demonstrated how fake our leaders are. Clinton did many good things and wasnt exactly the most virtuous person so what!!!
How many millions of dollars and man hours spent to prove a bj happened, thanks right wing for setting the Guiness book record for the most expensive bj in world history, a round of applause please?

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Libraries and Exhibits

by mlandis In reply to Well...

The New York City Library at 42nd and 5th (The one where the original Ghostbusters was filmed - with the lions out front) has an Isaac Newton display going on through early spring 2005. Many smaller libraries have exhibits that periodically change. (no pun intended.)

Like other things in a library budget, it depends on the funding and donations available. Some libraries have the items in inventory, but can no longer display them because the showcases aren't adequately equipped to preserve the items.

How many of the libraries named after presidents were done so during the honorees lifetime? That could also be a factor. Bill Clinton seved two terms in very recent history, so there would be more available to showcase? Times are different too - compare and contrast what and how our own work is accomplished today as to many years ago. The President's job entails much more now than it ever did, much as our jobs have changed.


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I admire his smoking

by ccollins In reply to Bill Clinton

I admire him for his exotic cigars.

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Would have a beer with him

by jdclyde In reply to Bill Clinton

But I wouldn't want my daughter to go out with him.

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