bios pass word rmoval

By jcox312003 ·
hi my name is jerry i have a hair pulling quiston ineed help my fujitsu life book 362 laptop i for got my bios pass word i can not get into my computer wen i turn it on it asking me to enter a pass code are or can any oe tell me how to get in to my computer if so please contact me at or phone me 513-254-0155

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BIOS password ....removal

Interesting question -sad, effectual answer.

The whole basis for setting a bios password is to stop other users gaining access. Clearly if you forget the password you've got a problem. This problem is usually only encountered by the ne'er-do'wells that steal laptop computers. Assuming you haven't stolen it you might try the following:

1. The bios password comes in two parts - one for entry to the operating system, the second for entry to the bios (where you set the first password)

2. Try going into the bios, assuming you haven't forgotten that password too - if you haven't set one it doesn't exist - pressing F2 at startup will get you in.

3. If neither of the above steps are possible you'll have to save up for an airline ticket to Taiwan, or the cost of shipping the laptop to Taiwan.

Removing the cmos battery will have no effect

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Just a grammatical thought...

If the standard of your typing also applied to your creating the password, you may never find it, ever again.

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and don't put your personal info on the web...

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Just a grammatical though ...
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It's a done deal now, jcox...

by Betelgeuse58 In reply to and don't put your person ...

it'll be cached and available from now on.

good going there "Tex". You'll find out soon enough why you don't put personal info on the web

Have a nice LIFE

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This has worked for me ...

by statykserver In reply to It's a done deal now, jco ...

I have successfully removed bios password using the debug command on desktops and don't know if it will work on laptops but if you reply back with your status that would be great.

Try this in a command prompt:
- o 70 2E
- o 71 FF
- q

Good luck oh and BTW was it a big hastle to disconnect your phone? LOL jk

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If I remember correctly...

by Furqan Asrar In reply to This has worked for me .. ...

I forgot the password of my BIOS and the password removed itself after I resetted the BIOS... Obviously I had to reconfigure it afterwards...

That is if i remember correctly...

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I was thinking "BIOS Reset" too

by Neon Samurai In reply to If I remember correctly.. ...

If the bios stores passwords in a flashmemory chip then cutting power by removing the cmos battery won't clear it. I'd like to think using the BIOS reset jumper to **** it away would work but that also seems like a pretty big security whole; worth a try though, check your manual to find out if/how it's done.

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CMOS password reset

by rstringham In reply to This has worked for me .. ...

How can I get to the command prompts to type your debug commands when the CMOS password wont let me get that far?

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DUH !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to CMOS password reset
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dear lord man, don't be posting your phone number for the world

by Neon Samurai In reply to bios pass word rmoval

I still have to read through the thread and see what answers where given but posting your phone number for an international audience caught me first.

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