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I have a Compaq Presario 2500 series Laptop and had entered a password which i have forgotten. Now i cannot check my bios for boot options etc. Please could someone advise me on how to unlock this password or reset it. Another point is if i remove the CMOS battery will it work and will it wipe out anything on my hardisk (partitioned into 2) or not.

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OK lets have a look see here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to edit

I life my life in integerity

Obviously English is not your first Language.

I am a master hatter and retired computer expert

OK I'll bite what do you consider yourself to be a Computer Expert in Punch Cards? Obviously nothing more modern that includes the Internet as no one with a ounce of sense would post information like that on a Public Forum.

You obviously have no idea whatsoever what Security is do you?

Now I am now sure what your game is but mine is being helpful.

Overlooking the faulty English and just looking at the presumed intended message I take it that by being helpful you are OK with Supporting Criminal Activity right? You have obviously posted someone's else Private Information to get them into difficulties and are encouraging others to continue to work with presumed Stolen Computer Equipment so you are a Criminal in my books and not worth attempting to help to save them self from their own stupidity.

Incidentally Mainframes never got stolen but NB's are a different story and are stolen more often than any other piece of Computer Related Equipment. Still consider yourself a Computer Expert or a outright Criminal?


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Actually, I hope this helps you

by w2ktechman In reply to edit

Please take the others advice sincerely, and remove (edit) your post with your personal information on it.

What kind of answers you provide on your website is up to you. But here, we have standards to go by. If it can/may be illegal, we do not partake in it. It is not only up to the authorities, but it is up to every professional to do his/her best to dissuade immoral/illegal activities. We cannot determine who is actually in need, and this is a public forum, so we do not answer questions that are suspicious.

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Thanks, Gladhatter

by Tig2 In reply to edit

I feel better now.

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Actually I am a hat maker

by gladhatter In reply to R U 4 real???

Not a cracker and I do not endorse cracker software. I remain confident that folks that need to post as you have have a low self image and I am sorry for you. There are a gazillon programs that will reset the bios pass word or at least there was 5 years ago and I assume they still exist. I just bought a multi tool disk supported by this site that says it will do so but I have no need of that utility and find the others on the disk over rated.

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It's like this, Gladhatter

by Tig2 In reply to Hacker used to mean compu ...

We don't answer password questions. Never have, likely never will. Ethically, none of us want to ever have to wonder if we have assisted with an illegal activity. So we just don't let it come up.

You are welcome to not care for that. But we would ask that if you are going to participate, you respect it.

We love having new people join us. Everyone brings something new and unique to the society that is TR. But we would hope that you would be willing to join with us in trying to discourage password requests.

The "IT professional" line is an effort to not be accusatory while telling someone to please look elsewhere for the answers they seek to password questions. I have personally been bar-be-qued when someone took my "we don't answer those kinds of questions" response as accusing him of theft. I have become more careful.

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Understood HOWEVER

by gladhatter In reply to It's like this, Gladhatte ...

He did not ask for information on how to steal as that is reasonably available all over the internet. He just ask for information. How he chooses to use knowledge is totally up to him and its he alone that will deal with the universal justice he gets for what ever decisions he makes.

I also do not understand why you automatically assume he is dishonerable because he ask.

I spent 8 years fixing computers and giving advise. I also spent a lot of time in Hacker communites and found a goodly portion of them to be white hat and better folks that the so called expert programmers we worked with.

Takes all kinds to make a world and I can only be me and you be however you choose.

The day I am not welcome here will be the day that some one in charge deletes my account. Till then I will answer questions with integerity and not the lunacy some of your fellow forumers have done here. You on the other hand are quite obviously of a better caliber than they.

I thank you for that.

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"I spent 8 years fixing computers and giving advise."

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Understood HOWEVER

I those eight years - how many BIOS passwords did you overcome with the software you've been bangin' on about?

Hmm ? ? ? . . .

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6 bios total

by gladhatter In reply to [i]"I spent 8 years fixin ...

one several years ago down for a lady in Haysi Va with some hacker version of a bios cracker and 5 of my own recently just to see if it worked as stated and it does all seem to be fine.

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How many where on Modern NB's?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 6 bios total

Of course you could always advertise cracking IBM/Levono BIOS Passwords for the masses.

You could make a nice tidy profit as Levono charges th earth to do this.


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You be nice, you Beast

by Tig2 In reply to How many where on Modern ...

Glad has gotten a taste of why we all feel as we do. I think that he understands why we do not answer password questions.

It is always so difficult. Shouldn't be, but is.

How are you getting on? Shall I send you all the chocolate I have been saving for you?

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