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I have a Compaq Presario 2500 series Laptop and had entered a password which i have forgotten. Now i cannot check my bios for boot options etc. Please could someone advise me on how to unlock this password or reset it. Another point is if i remove the CMOS battery will it work and will it wipe out anything on my hardisk (partitioned into 2) or not.

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Seems still not that hard to do with software.

by gladhatter In reply to BIOS PASSWORD

A quick Google search reveals several software programs to reset the bios and many forums that teach ohter methods. I just found.

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Here is a related article

by gladhatter In reply to BIOS PASSWORD

Friend of mine saved 125 computers here locally back a few years ago hot flashing bios that got wiped out with a virus. He did not use this exact method but similar to it.

I think he would qualify as a true expert but then you will not find the folks of his quality on "tech" forums as they are busy actually working.

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Perhaps you would care to enlighten me how

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Here is a related article

You remove a BIOS Chip from a NB and Hot Flash it?

I would really like to know as now days all these in NB's are soldered onto the Board and not fitted to a socket.

I'm just curious how this is done without destroying the M'Board in a modern NB.

Please Enlighten this unknowing fool.

OH BTW I did like this

I think he would qualify as a true expert but then you will not find the folks of his quality on "tech" forums as they are busy actually working.

Translated it means that this poor person has no life outside work and is unable to have any free time. I too used to be like that but I grew up and got wise. Without Free Time it is impossible to remain Fresh and On Top of the Game so instead of being good for whoever you are working for and an asset you are a liability that will destroy things in a big way sometime and most likely sooner rather than latter.


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Hatter - You sad old fool !!! . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Here is a related article

Your illustrated 'example' above, bears this legend as its footnote:

"Last updated: 09.11.2002 11:20:57 by Rainbow Software (Ondrej ??ry) e-mail:"

So, assuming the British form of date presentation, this site's advice is EXACTLY 2 days greater than FIVE YEARS OLD !!!

Also, there is not one single mention of the term "password". - Hardly conclusive evidence.

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by Tig2 In reply to Hatter - You sad old fool ...

You be nice! GladHatter, having now spent a few days on the board, has gotten a clearer view of just what we deal with in terms of password questions.

And he DID say that he is not a current tech. And that he might not know as much about current technology deployment.

Now be nice or I will email dear Velcro some catnip! If she is anything like my girls, you will quickly have your hands full!

P.S. Have you ever checked out and read the Diary of a Mad Cat? You'll love it!

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Point noted, - MY login habits are to blame this time...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Mycroft

As a matter of habit, I always scan my previous day's posts for developments / answers - consequently I jumped on GladHatter's input before I'd fully appreciated that he has now 'seen the light'.

Fair do's to the bloke - he now realises the difficulties TR personnel face on a daily basis.

To the defence of Velcro - I've not had the bottle to risk her reaction to catnip, not quite yet. She's still very much like that cartoon I sent you.

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And finally

by gladhatter In reply to BIOS PASSWORD

Some forum --- likely about as lame as the two lamers posting here with no help : completly devoted to bios.

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Forum search

by rahouseholder In reply to And finally

A quick search of this forum for lost password finds this reply...

If you've managed to loose or forgot your Notebook/Laptop password there is no way to hack it or to get rid of it with Clear CMOS
> Clear CMOS will often bring up the question for a Supervisor password !!

Your only chance to revive your Notebook is to contact your dealer/shop or the notebook manufacturer and ask for help there
PROOF of OWNERSHIP needed !!!

This is the only help you'll get here - too many stolen Notebooks in the world with too many people trying to hack their passwords !

Here is the link....

Look familiar????

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Seems that here is one of the gazillion programs and you may not need more.

by gladhatter In reply to BIOS PASSWORD

Here is what the program that this forum or NON hackers supports and sells says:

Spotmau PowerSuite 2007 User Manual

Spotmau PowerSuite 2007 User Manual

Password Recovery --> BIOS/CMOS Password


For password definition, please visit:

Warning: You are allowed to use this tool only for password recovery and educational purpose. Don't use this tool for illegal purposes!

This utility will enable you to find or clear BIOS/CMOS password. Do not use any program here unless you MUST get by a BIOS/CMOS password to make some important changes to make your computer work.

Please always try "2. Find Award/AMI BIOS/CMOS Password (for most computers)" first. If it does not work, try the next two options.

Note: After you have used any BIOS/CMOS utility, your computer may not boot until you go into the bios and select [load setup defaults] or similar lingo. And don't forget to Save and Exit.


Copyright ? 2007 Spotmau, Inc.


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They appear to be

by IC-IT In reply to Seems that here is one of ...

a company unwilling to really discuss anything about their products other than selling points. Their support pages are totally lacking on any insight into their programs operations
Kind of a buy it to find out outfit. I would keep my money in my pocket.

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