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I have a Compaq Presario 2500 series Laptop and had entered a password which i have forgotten. Now i cannot check my bios for boot options etc. Please could someone advise me on how to unlock this password or reset it. Another point is if i remove the CMOS battery will it work and will it wipe out anything on my hardisk (partitioned into 2) or not.

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Where you keep your money is up to you

by gladhatter In reply to They appear to be

How ever I choose the intelligent method and bought the program and just set pass words on 5 computer bios from every type system available to me and used the program to reset and then remove all of them.

Again there is a gazillion other programs out there that do the same. Some are free and others cost money.

How a person chooses to use them is not the concern of anyone but the powers of the universe that will deal with them.

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Your Choce but,

by IC-IT In reply to Where you keep your money ...

To me it is similiar to choosing a motherboard. If their support section is lacking even the most basic information and updates, then I will doubt the value of a potential purchase.
P.S. I read the link you posted to assist a person in need. They had one response that was leading them in the right direction. Your response was to degrade TR members first (really poor taste and a very un-informed opinion). I suggest you read some of the members profiles and their responses to questions (other than password hacks) before you continue to act like an arrogant *** and off-handedly dismiss all members.

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I do appologize

by gladhatter In reply to Your Choce but,

and while the one may have offered the better advise, I did help the person get the computer fixed. They no longer have the problem.

As for this lot, I am sure they are nice folks that strike me the wrong way and I strike them the wrong way.

end of the day seems like we all wish to help folks and I just have a direct hands on approach that works when others like to boast intelligence and not do any good with it.

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Apart from being INVERTO - you are also DEAF !!!

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Seems that here is one of ...

Or, more fittingly perhaps, selectively blind.

As I posted above, I asked you if you know or were aware of the difference between BIOS and EEPROM. Typically, you never answered.

These days, y'know - the modern world!, laptop passwords are NOT stored in the BIOS. This is because the BIOS relies on an electrical charge in order to remain stable (hold on to the password). Therefore denial of charge-state, by simple removal of the battery, thereby renders a Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor INERT - losing its password in the process.

An EEPROM on the other hand, doesn't require a battery to feed it power when the motherboard shuts off, because it is Solid State - not unlike a FlashRAM memory stick, therefore removal of power doesn't do anything to it, because it doesn't rely on power until activated. And to activate it, you need the password.

So - ALL your supposed Wonder-Drug type Cure-All programs DO NOT WORK.

Anyone that tells you otherwise only does it because they know that you are inherently stupid enough to :
A) Believe them
B) Part with your hard-earned hat-making cash

...only to find out when you open the jiffy-bag and insert the CD, that it doesn't work!!!

<Edited for typo caused by laughing too much!>

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While you make a good argument and

by gladhatter In reply to Apart from being INVERTO ...

Your facts are well laid out. The simple fact is that you are mistaken in your foundation premise but not your wording.

End result is the same. There are many programs that will reset a bios pass where it is stored on an eeprom chip or not.

Some and many of them are free.

There is also a variety of other methods to reset this pass regardless of where it is set.

Now here is where I would join the mainstream here and say that publication of that information is not for the common person and these methods are reserved for skilled hardware techs anf hackers.

Crackers on the other hand only do reverse engineering of software.

No edits here and no more reason to beat this dead horse.

Now why do you savvy tech guys not go help this person:

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...Classic symptoms of Mercury Poisoning, common among Hatters...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Seems that here is one of ...

As in the saying "Mad as a Hatter".

Really Charlie, aside from your attitude there is your peculiar style of typing, more akin to randomly striking out at keyboard keys.

All your current argument hinges on is 'what you used to do when you used to be' in the computer field.

You may well have a program in front of you that purports to disable BIOS passwords, you may well believe that it will work - I personally doubt it and have yet to hear that you have achieved any degree of success in this field.

Do not just 'say' that it works - describe it in full detail. I, for one, am hanging on your reply, awaiting with relish the prospect of reading a haphazard account of doing something that clearly does not work!

I had rather formed the opinion (personal opinion that is) that Mercury had not been used in the production of hats since the very early 20th Century but, reading your current episodic diatribe, I find myself having severe doubts.

I have viewed your collection of online cranial haberdashery and noticed that your typographical ineptitude extends into your web-designing activities also. Hardly the presentation qualities expected from a Hatter that is supposedly SO competent in the computer field.

I await your unexpurgated account of how this BIOS-password-cracking program works, presented no doubt in the vaguest possible terms in order to protect the innocent.

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Actually I am not anyexpert at all

by gladhatter In reply to ...Classic symptoms of Me ...

on computers or much else. I did repair and make work 100% of them that was brought before me mostly by phone and an XP like remote connection that we developed just before XP came out. We could even do remote registry edits when it according to folks like you was impossible. I am not talking about importing reg leys either but a full powerful remote regedit tool.

Now I am done with this topic. I am sorry that you think some computer company or Pheonix bios is smarter that others and can protect any bios password.

I know they also laughed McAfee out of Berkely when he told them a virus could attack the network.

You are just a rude little boy that I hope grows up to be a nice mans some day.

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Thanks, no REALLY - Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!!

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Actually I am not anyexpe ...

I've not been called a "rude little boy" since I used to occasionally be just that!

Assuming that little boys become big boys at about 13 (coz then they're actually teenagers) then I've not been a 'little boy', rude or otherwise, for at least 40 years.

"We could even do remote registry edits when it according to folks like you was impossible."

I cannot recall ever postulating on the impossibility of this particular action - y'see, typical behaviour re the Mercuric Poisoning theory.

If I were you I'd curtail your attacks on TR personnel for the time-being and get back to correcting the alarmingly-high incidence of typographical errors that proliferate around your GladHatter site.

This in itself is the probable reason why your site also has an alarmingly high non-reply count.

If users encounter 'little boy English' they are likely to think the site is run by a little boy.

'Rude Little Boys' of the world unite - they at least grow up with the ability to spell proficiently, and be understood coherently!

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