BIOS UNLOCK/REMOVAL: Is it possible to use a software solution?

By mikepearson6 ·
I buy and sell used laptops and desktops.
But in over five years of doing this work for the first time I've run across a locked BIOS.
Is there a software removal tool available?
Or is there no other choice but partial dissassembly to get to the C-MOS battery
(it's an a105-4164 toshiba).

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by arshadonline In reply to BIOS UNLOCK/REMOVAL: Is i ...

check this website Hardware link bios

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If you buy and sell them...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to BIOS UNLOCK/REMOVAL: Is i ...

I'd suggest you talk to whoever you bought it from.

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"Old Mcrotch" In reply.....

by mikepearson6 In reply to If you buy and sell them. ...

Dear Sir or should I say Mam? I did not post a question on this site to engage in mindless banter. I asked a simple,logical question in hope of a useful reply.
( AS OTHER PEOPLE ALSO DO!) If you in all of your apparent knowledge and wisdom
would take the time to reply, how about next time posting a helpful NON-SMARTA&%
bit of information and save both us and the readers valuable time.(at least my time is anyway.)
Oh yes by the way, What person at "goodwill industries" second hand store should I ask for the code?????? Nimrod!

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Crotchety - and upset too?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to "Old Mcrotch" In reply... ...

No, you're alright, Sir will suffice.

My previous post was neither intended as mindless banter nor was it intended to be SMARTA&%.

You, initially, proudly announced that you "buy and sell" therefore the onus of responsibility lies within the realms of "purchaser / vendor" territory. If I paid money for something that turned out to be not fit for purpose I would return it to from whence it came.

To that end, you are not required to ask anyone at "goodwill industries" second-hand store for the code, you are expected to point out to them that the goods you purchased, SIMPLY DON'T WORK, and you expect your money back. I would have thought that would have been your first port-of-call, but you never said so in your original post, so I just suggested it as an alternative.

Now the helpful information:-

As far as my technical background / experience has led me to believe I fear you have rather a difficult problem. There are those who would advise the removal of the CMOS battery, in the hope that the BIOS will revert to factory settings and negate any password settings. Problem: you first of all have to find the battery! Chances are it is soldered onto the motherboard, therefore removal is difficult if not damaging to the unit you are trying to rescue.

Secondly, the EPROM that contains the password, in some cases (my laptop included), is not affected by the removal of power from the battery, thereby retaining its password while you lose all the bespoke settings.

Thirdly, as has been covered in other recent posts, despite claims to the contrary, there is no "software solution" since any software would have to gain access to the operating system before it can become active, and the BIOS password pops up before the operating system loads.

So, if I were you, I'd get my money back.

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if you...

by FordTrucker97 In reply to BIOS UNLOCK/REMOVAL: Is i ...

if you look on the motherboard there might be a jumper that says something like password. if you remove and restart, then turn off and put it back restart again it should remove it..this is true in dells from what i know

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So, Dell's have...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to if you...

Built-in "Steal-ability" - That's clever!?

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Master passwords can be calculated

by hlobiz In reply to BIOS UNLOCK/REMOVAL: Is i ...

This can happen when buying a used and untested computer for parts or repair, no dishonesty in that. and really quite common if you're in that line of work.
that said check out

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Problem Solved

by TheFordman87 In reply to BIOS UNLOCK/REMOVAL: Is i ...

If you look around on the motherboard you should see a jumper probably yellow if its an intel board. You want to read exactly what is says but you should see 1-2 pins normal 2-3 pins bios config no pins recovery. You want to go to config mode. move the jumper over boot computer clear all passwords save and exit. You machine will inform you to shut down move jumper to correct position and reboot. There you go sir.

I know its been like four years but just incase it happens again. your welcome!

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