Black Screen on laptop

By DonDefy ·
Hi there as you can see I am new here bit ill try to be as specific as possible.

I have an ASUS G1S, not so long ago I was rushing of to work and forgot to turn it off or plug it in, I had it set up so that it would go into sleeping mode if left unplug and there is only 10% ?battery life? left. Once I came back from work I realised that the laptops indicator that it is asleep was off meaning that it drained all the power from the battery, under this assumption, without even checking, I plugged it into the mains and let the battery recharge.

Later in the evening, after it was fully charged and the indicator light for charging was off I turned it on. The screen was not coming on but you could hear the "booming" sound as it turns on, and the ASUS sing comes on, on the led display in the top left.

As it stands I have found one solution on Google for it, removing the battery + unplugging it and letting the bios to reset. That did not help (

Do you have any ideas how to fix it?? My last resort is the warranty but I don?t wont to loose data, I have a lot of important documents and papers on and a whole library in rar files ( If all fails I will be forced to use the warranty. does any one know how to extract this data form my hard drive without damaging the warranty?

P.S. I forgot to add it was running Windows Vista

P.S.S. On side note, is any one familiar with a chipset SiS630 and PiLZ pitop15 (touch screen). If so could tell me the max resolution I can get on that?

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Have you read the Asus

by Jacky Howe In reply to More Info

manual that would have been supplied with the unit. IT should have information on the Reset switch and Warranty information.

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It's true.

by seanferd In reply to Have you read the Asus

Removing the drive voids the warranty. Ugh.

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That sucks

by Jacky Howe In reply to It's true.

and there is no reference to a Reset swith either. I think that it's a one size fits all manual with a few bits missing. The OP will have to use a Vista Recovery CD or Linux to remove their Data before sending it back. One of the forums mentioned that it is a motherboard problem that had to be RMA'd.

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No kidding

by seanferd In reply to That sucks

I figured that a 20MB manual should have something useful in it. It really wasn't at all. Their website kind of sucks as well, and isn't all that informative.

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Re: Manual

by DonDefy In reply to Have you read the Asus

I am in foreign country for a while and left the manual at home. There is no access to it, however I found a copy of it on google and it doesn?t have much info on it, just says where the switch is and that?s about it.

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You will have to

by Jacky Howe In reply to Black Screen on laptop

check and see if you are able to see anything by using a boot CD before trying a backup.

PCLinuxOS should let you burn to CD or copy your Data to an extrernal hard drive.

The Windows Vista Recovery CD can be used to Boot your PC.

<b>Creating a Windows Vista Recovery CD</b>

<b>Download from here:</b>

Burn it to CD with Nero or similar.

The Windows Vista Recovery CD can be used to Boot to a Command Prompt where you can run these Commands.

Boot from the Vista CD and on the first screen click Next, click Repair your computer, click Next and select Command Prompt. here you will be able to transfer your data to an external hard drive. This software can be run from an external hard drive.

SyncBack Freeware V3.2.18.0 is a free standing Backup Utility and it will run from USB.

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Some Problems

by DonDefy In reply to You will have to

I will give this a go but I don?t think it?ll work due to the following reasons:

The bios does not load

I don?t think I have the laptop booting up from the cd-drive, due to the above I can?t change it.

The screen has no power to it, at all. Its not that it loads a black screen, it?s just off. It is easy to evaluate this as the Asus G1S has flashing LEDs on the side, those do not come on meaning no current is running through the screen.

Thank you very much for the detailed solution ill give this a go today.

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Check the movement of the Lid Actuator switch

by Jacky Howe In reply to Some Problems

Check the movement of the Lid Actuator switch

The Lid Actuator switch is a small button or switch located above the keyboard near the hinge for the LCD. Pressing this switch when the computer is on may turn the notebook display off, or it may cause the notebook to enter a different power state.
Press the switch 2-3 times while observing the display. If the display does not return to normal brightness when the switch is released, the switch may be sticking and need to be repaired.
If the display turns off when the switch is pressed, the power management function may be set to hibernate or turn off when the lid is closed.

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Just need some clarification

by ken In reply to Black Screen on laptop

When the computer first starts up do you see anything on the screen at all such an asus logo,

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No logo

by DonDefy In reply to Just need some clarificat ...

I see nothing, no logo, I do hear that booming sound as before but the screen has no power to it.

At normal functioning times as the logo loads the laptop gives a little roar.

I thought that was cool, a lot of people complained and disabled it but I liked it, and good thing I didn?t, after the logo, the bios is usually loaded, however I don?t think the bios loads in this case i.e. if you push the on off button once the pc just turns off i.e. I don?t need to hold the off/on button.

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