Black Screen on laptop

By DonDefy ·
Hi there as you can see I am new here bit ill try to be as specific as possible.

I have an ASUS G1S, not so long ago I was rushing of to work and forgot to turn it off or plug it in, I had it set up so that it would go into sleeping mode if left unplug and there is only 10% ?battery life? left. Once I came back from work I realised that the laptops indicator that it is asleep was off meaning that it drained all the power from the battery, under this assumption, without even checking, I plugged it into the mains and let the battery recharge.

Later in the evening, after it was fully charged and the indicator light for charging was off I turned it on. The screen was not coming on but you could hear the "booming" sound as it turns on, and the ASUS sing comes on, on the led display in the top left.

As it stands I have found one solution on Google for it, removing the battery + unplugging it and letting the bios to reset. That did not help (

Do you have any ideas how to fix it?? My last resort is the warranty but I don?t wont to loose data, I have a lot of important documents and papers on and a whole library in rar files ( If all fails I will be forced to use the warranty. does any one know how to extract this data form my hard drive without damaging the warranty?

P.S. I forgot to add it was running Windows Vista

P.S.S. On side note, is any one familiar with a chipset SiS630 and PiLZ pitop15 (touch screen). If so could tell me the max resolution I can get on that?

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Bad Battery

by ericswain In reply to No logo

I have had several issues where I am looking in one direction, such as processor or motherboard only to be caught by a simple battery.

Try the following:
1. Unplug everything and remove the battery.
2. Plug just the power cable into the laptop.
3. Push the power button to turn on the laptop.
4. Watch to see if the BIOS screen appears.
5. Enter BIOS screen and see if drives apprear.
6. If drives are shown exit and try to boot into windows under normal mode.
7. If able to, then you know it's a battery issue.

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Please try to read the original post

by DonDefy In reply to Bad Battery

As i mentioned before i already tried that and it didn't work.

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I'm not being funny...

by Breezer85 In reply to Black Screen on laptop

...but i've come across situations where the screen goes off after a period of time and find that I have to set the brightness back up! Had a few old ASUSes do that!

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by DonDefy In reply to I'm not being funny...

Ive tried everything every one suggested so far and failed, is there away to transfer the data after i boot the laptop but the screen stays black?

Thanks for your help gents/ladies

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I would take the chance

by Jacky Howe In reply to Fail

and remove the drive and place it in an external enclosure to remove the Data. Put the drive back in and send in in for Warranty.

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Thanks For all your help

by DonDefy In reply to I would take the chance

Thanks guys/ladys !!! i will contact asus today and let em know what went down :) Cheers all :))

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by DonDefy In reply to Black Screen on laptop

Got through to ASUS support, very nice down/up there :)) said I can remove my hard drive without voiding the warranty =))

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That 's great

by Jacky Howe In reply to Result

I hope it all works out for you.

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