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Blank Emails received in Outlook 2003

By wsiliezar ·
I've had a couple of users in the past have this issue. Last week, one user received a total of 42 blank email the same days. Below are the facts.

* All emails were received on 2/12/2005 from 9:11-9:12am.
* All emails are of 7** Bytes
* From:/To:/CC:/Subject:/Body are all blank.
* There are no Internet Headers on all emails.
* 42 emails in total.

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by kazeej In reply to Blank Emails received in ...

It's happening to me, too. Even when I check my email online (at, and not through my Outlook 2000. I have sent a request to adelphia tech support to see if they can shed any light on this. I will report whatever assistance they provide.

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Check your font color if you are missing text.

by bell_m01 In reply to

If you select all and you can see the message , then somehow your font color has been changed to the same as your background.

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by michael In reply to Blank Emails received in ...

I have had this problem for sometime. According to Microsoft, it is my problem. I have used different computers, different software install, I still get blank emails from time to time. I have a work around so that I don't lose important emails.
First goto outlook, tools, options, mail setup, email accounts, view/change, change, more settings, advanced, leave a copy on the mail server, I to select delete both upon delete (in outlook 2003) and after 2 days (this is how long it keeps it on the server).
Then get a program like pop peeper at (freeware) set it up like your email client, this will view emails directly on the server.
When you find a blank email, try to read the email headers so you know what you are looking for, use poppeeper to read email, I then forward the message to another account name. I have a couple different names. It will arrive looking perfect. After you have received the email and you are sure this is the correct one, go ahead and delete the email using outlook 2003.
If you have trouble reading the headers us a program like pocket knife peek from (freeware) this makes it easier to read the headers and body of blank emails. (This program is designed to view emails without opening them)
Best of luck.

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I started getting this exact problem too!

by george In reply to Blank Emails received in ...

When I upgraded to the latest version of Symantec Internet Security, I started getting messages with no subject, no content, no headers, no attachments, in rich text, and all with a length of 7** or 792 bytes each. I get about 4-5 per day. I'm worried they are legit messages that are getting blanked out for some reason. I use Outlook 2003, but plan to upgrade soon to Office 2007.

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by kumarp_21 In reply to Blank Emails received in ...


We are also received this type of blank emails.
But I've installed Ms-Office 2003 sp2.After that I did't receive the blank mails.

Pls check..

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Still not seeing a solution!

by monaro In reply to

After reading this looooong and exhausting thread, I still don't understand what the solution to the problem is? I have users that receive blank emails. And I have users that when sending emails, their recipient receives them blank. Is it the format for out going emails that has to be changed? Should we just set everyone to HTML format and call it a day? There has to be a solution to this! Not all of us are on 2007 yet.

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Try This

by yammi In reply to Still not seeing a soluti ...

Edit the string Value "Outlooksecuretempfolder"
Remove the OLK.... keep the Path Till
re-start the System then Clean the TEMP and Teporary internetfiles folder

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why do I download blank emails

by BevBurns In reply to Still not seeing a soluti ...

Every day I download at least half a dozen blank emails but a few weeks ago I rec'd 2,000 in one day!! Pls tell me how to stop this as I can;t find an answer to actually rectify this problem

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