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Blank Messages in Outlook 2003

By lickity40 ·
Greetings all!

I have an interesting problem occuring on a couple of workstations that I can't figure out.

They were both recently upgraded to W2K Prof and Office 2003. The latest Office and Windows patches have been applied.

When they send an email message, (internal), the receiver gets a blank message. When I look in their Sent Folder and look at the message, it too is blank.

Although I've researched this and found a couple of similar problems, they point to two issues that do not apply. One is with ccLotus and the other with Exchange 5.5.

Any clue? Thanks in advance!!!

Rick Forsythe
Systems Administrator

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So much for that.

by ancientmath In reply to What's The WORD

Mine was already enabled and yet it has happened. New suggestion?

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Similar problems encountered while doing upgrades

by tben In reply to Blank Messages in Outlook ...

Good Day

For my case, these problems appear randomly on some of my end users station. I am currently avoiding using Word as an email editor to observe if the similar problem occurs.

I attempted to patch office 2003 with SP 1 on the users affected as well

I post the results of my finding over the matter as well

You may find this hotfix interesting to look at;en-us;833986&Product=out2003

I posted other office 2003 problems that I am encountering over at

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Same problem every day

by ejknight In reply to Blank Messages in Outlook ...

I too am getting the same error now on every email that I send. Whats up with this? Has anyone found a solution to this problem?


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by lickity40 In reply to Same problem every day

Although there is a response in this thread that refers to MS-Word as the editor and registration. I am going to check it out tomorrow.

I've searched the Microsoft site and found a couple of things about blank messages but nothing that fits here.

Keep your eye out! We'll get this thing solved one day....


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Blank Message Area in Outlook 2003

by carkeekc In reply to Nothing!

Has there been any progress in finding a solution to this problem, since the last post??

Thank you,
Charles Carkeek

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Blank Message Area in Outlook 2003

by tben In reply to Blank Message Area in Out ...

Currently, My company just upgraded our exchange server to 2003 and I have not heard any of such complaints since the server migration.

but I am not sure if it is an issue of the exchange server though


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It's a security issue

by andrew.lamb In reply to Same problem every day

I've been suffering the very same problem for weeks now and then found some clue to the problem at .

It suggests that there are 3rd party security issues, so I uninstalled SpamEnder and hey presto it's fixed.

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Don't Overcomplicate

by michaelschmidt46 In reply to Blank Messages in Outlook ...

Perhaps it's not as difficult as one would think. Have you tried looking at simple solutions like if the user is using BLANK stationary instead of NONE?

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Blank Stationary

by lickity40 In reply to Don't Overcomplicate

Interesting observation. I am not sure about previous instances of the problem but just yesterday, a user complained that a message she had sent was blank to the receiver. I checked her Sent Folder and found the message was blank. In the attachment field there was a blank.gif.

When I asked her about the stationary, she said she used the blank stationary.

In other instances of this problem, however, I've seen simply an attachment like ivy.gif so it's not always the blank being used.

Thanks for your input!

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No such thing.

by ancientmath In reply to Don't Overcomplicate

Not with Microsoft products!!!

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