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Blank Messages in Outlook 2003

By lickity40 ·
Greetings all!

I have an interesting problem occuring on a couple of workstations that I can't figure out.

They were both recently upgraded to W2K Prof and Office 2003. The latest Office and Windows patches have been applied.

When they send an email message, (internal), the receiver gets a blank message. When I look in their Sent Folder and look at the message, it too is blank.

Although I've researched this and found a couple of similar problems, they point to two issues that do not apply. One is with ccLotus and the other with Exchange 5.5.

Any clue? Thanks in advance!!!

Rick Forsythe
Systems Administrator

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by DMarcus In reply to Blank Messages in Outlook ...

I read through this entire thread and no one has mentioned attempting to reply to or forward one of the blank e-mails in question.

I came across this issue a year or two ago, and it's just raised its head again in a totally different environment. My experience has been that when this happens, if you reply or forward the "blank" e-mail, the original body appears correctly in the reply/forward.

Case in point:
I have a 4-week-old Exchange 2003 server installation, in an office with all Windows XP, Office 2003 workstations. From home I logged on to OWA, opened a new e-mail, and pasted HTML text copied from a webpage (a news article), and sent it to a co-worker whose account is on the same server. The e-mail arrived blank, as everyone in this thread has described. No stationary was used, no extra formatting, no text boxes or tables, and no attachments were included.

The e-mail arrived blank. It's in my Sent Items as blank. But replying or forwarding on either the received e-mail, or the sent e-mail, displays the entire original contents without issue.

Does this give us any further clues???

David Marcus

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Blank Messages: resolved?

by dwb In reply to Blank Messages in Outlook ...

The problem started yesterday (2/7/05) on one machine running XP and OE2003, not Exchange. Messages from various sources through different ISP's, all have blank contents.

Second machine running OE2003 under W2k does not have the problem.

One ISP uses Spam Assassin to filter email, checked one blank message against an earlier massage from same source: identical SA results, but the earlier message was delivered, the recent one blank.

In one case OE seems to have downloading partial header info, in other cases the full header info was read but no content.

Running NOD32, IMON settings don't indicate problems. SpywareGuard active/inactive, no diff.

Seems clear that problem is related to the XP/OE 2003 combo, but can't find anything useful on MS sites.

So: anyone resolved this?


Wayne Babineau

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Potential Solution

by nicholas.steblay In reply to Blank Messages in Outlook ...

Uninstall all Outlook add-ins. I unistalled a PGP add-in and everything started working.

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Disable PGP Works - Note: Must be Cached Mode

by mca In reply to Potential Solution

My config is Exchange 2003 on a SBS 2003 server. Run XP/PRO and WIN2K clients. All was well on the XP machines but the Win2K unit with Office 2003 had the blank message problem. I switched to non-cached mode and all was well. Switched back and the problem returned. I searched high and low assuming that this was part of the problem. After seeing these posts I disabled PGP and everything was AOK. Odd to put it mildly.

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Removing PGP did it!

by mOOky8D In reply to Disable PGP Works - Note: ...

OK, I was about to have a heart-attack when my 7 year long Outlook archive file had EVERY message with no content in the body. THANK YOU for posting the info about disabling the PGP plug in. I was using Network Associates free PGP plug in and once I disabled the plug-in (Tools, Options, Other, Advanced Options, Add-In Manager, Uncheck PGP...) and restarted Outlook I leaped for joy.


Oh, running Office 2003 Pro SP1 on WinXP SP2 with Exchange 2000 SP3 server.

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