Block Internet Access on a Single Workstation

By hsmithdp ·
I have one guy in the Warehouse that just spends too much time on the internet. How do I stop him from accessing the internet on just that one station. My firewall wont restrict just him. Is there a way on his computer to stop him? He has Windows XP

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depends on the browser version . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Would

win9x through XP will allow the Windows Exploder window to act as a web browser by just loading the necessary IE DLLs

if the XP box is still using IE6 then Windows Exploder will access the web

if IE7 or IE8 is installed then Windows Exploder will transfer what's in the address bar after starting the default browser to the browsers address bar

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by NexS In reply to depends on the browser ve ...

That should be a consideration when the OP decides what to do.

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Interesting and Thanks

by IC-IT In reply to depends on the browser ve ...

I am not sure if I still have a system with IE6. That would require killing the ActiveX module Explorer uses or a dll.
Must now experiment. :-)

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Filter the sites he visits.

by seanferd In reply to Block Internet Access on ...

And take away Admin privileges. No one should have them.

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